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How business owners can plan ahead for the holidays

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Whatever may be the industry where you work, the holidays are a great time for innovative marketing strategies. At this time of the year, you can show your appreciation to customers, vendors, suppliers, and any other partners for their business. Any promotional programs you develop and adopt will likely get you further projects in the coming year. Use the holidays as the ideal time to reach out with cards, gifts, and other tokens to say “thank you” to every entity contributing to your company’s success, including your employees.

Send out holiday greetings

Stylish, well-designed holiday greeting cards promote your company brand name and can make a valuable impression. You’ll order the cards with themes that match your industry, such as excavator cards, construction Christmas cards, plumber cards, or even carpenter cards. Choosing high-grade paper and coordinated envelopes raises the impact of your company and reinforces the brand name as a top-ranking figurehead in the industry. Make sure to include the company logo and slogan along with a personalized note slipped into each card. If your marketing strategy includes gift coupons, attach them to the card where they are clearly visible.

Prepare your mailing list

Putting together a list of your customer leads can be a time-consuming task, which is why you must start well ahead of time. Create a list of the visitors to your website and any other people who might have made inquiries at your brick-and-mortar office. If you have only email addresses, get an expert graphic designer to create a virtual holiday greeting with eye-catching images and media having the company logo clearly displayed. Remember to add information about any discounts you’re offering for projects initiated around the holidays.

Focus on snagging projects during the off-season

Winters are typically the off-season for the construction industry. People starting building projects would prefer to wait until spring, summer, or fall. That’s when the probability of rain, snow, and high winds is minimal. Though, locations with extreme climate and high temperatures in summer also delay their construction projects. Even so, building garages, storage facilities, and other steel structures continue even during winters. Reaching out and connecting with customers could land you contracts so that your business continues operations even in the off-season. Offering holiday discounts and incentives is a smart move.

Place ads on social media platforms

Advertise your company and its services on social media platforms well ahead of the holiday season. Your marketing programs could include ads for smaller construction projects which can be started and completed in time for the celebrations that could consist of a cozy dinner with the family. Since spending time outdoors is catching on in a big way in 2021, you’d want to talk about spending time with friends on a patio built above a new garage.

Targeting customers with holiday greetings and promotional campaigns are great ways to ensure that you’ll continue to get business from them in the coming year. Plan your strategies well in advance so they can have the maximum impact and get you future revenues.

Story by Alex Simon

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