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How Bruce Lee and street fighting in Hong Kong helped create MMA

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Many people believe that the U.S. invented mixed martial arts (MMA). However, the sport originated in Hong Kong. Bruce Lee is a renowned martial arts expert. He combined different martial arts techniques in street fights during his lifetime. Bettors can wager sign up in to wager on different MMA fighters. In this post, we discuss how Bruce Lee and street fighting in Hong Kong lead to the invention of MMA.

Did MMA Originate in Hong Kong?

The main character in the Quentin Tarantino film caused some people to develop an interest in how street fighting and Bruce Lee contributed to the invention of MMA. Recently, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) discovered that MMA originated in Hong Kong. Bruce Lee was among the first fighters to use advanced martial arts. However, modern MMA fighters use a wide array of fighting techniques.

During his heydays, Bruce Lee taught amateur fighters sophisticated techniques that would help them in real-life brawls. They differ from most modern MMA training techniques. Dana White, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president refers to Bruce as the grandfather of MMA. It is evident that MMA started in ordinary street fights in the Asian nation.

Most fighters practiced mixed martial arts in rooftops. After a while, several martial arts teachers, sports administrators and the police agreed to merge different martial arts styles in organized fights which attracted huge crowds.

How Did Bruce Lee Contribute to MMA?

Bruce made a huge impact in the martial arts world. Numerous articles, mixed infographics, images, and videos relive his lifetime. For instance, the Once upon a Time in Hollywood movie narrates about the gruesome murders of Tate-LaBiance which occurred in 1969. In a particular scene, Mike Moh who acted as Bruce Lee fought Brad Pitt. It attracted over 17 million views globally.

Bruce started displaying his skills in 1960. He taught martial artists such as Steve McQueen and James Coburn. The Full Contact Boxing Association in Hong Kong combines kickboxing, Muay Thai and Kung Fu. It made artists such as Eldy Chan, Ponson Sin Lam-yuk and Kong Fu-tak popular in 1980. They attracted many spectators in their Southorn and QEII matches. MMA leagues started gaining popularity in 1993.

Thousands of immigrants from China relocated to Hong Kong in the 20th century to seek refuge. They included talented martial artists who tough people self-defense techniques to curb the rising crime rates in the country. Several kung fu schools developed distinct fighting styles thus promoting street fighting.

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