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How big has the gambling industry become?

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It doesn’t matter if you are an avid gambler or you are just starting out, there is a good chance that you have tried online gambling. At the very least, you have probably considered it or know what it is. This is because the online gambling sector has really revolutionized gambling as an industry. What was once illegal in all 50 states and many other countries is now legal and available to users from all over the world. And, the best part is that users can now take advantage of the joys of gambling right from the comfort of their homes. You combine this with the fact that more and more states are legalizing land-based gambling and it should be more than easy to see how and why gambling is spreading rampantly. But, how big is it really getting?

A Rise Is Evident

There is simply no denying that Macau is one of the most well-known gambling destinations on the planet. It is also one of the fastest-growing. Macau has been said to generate over three times the gambling revenue of the entire state of Nevada. This is pretty impressive when you sit down and really look at all the casinos located in the state. Well, you want to know what’s even more impressive? In 2001 the casino generated less than $2 million in gaming revenue. Doesn’t seem like a lot does it? That’s because it isn’t, but in 2012 alone the company catapulted to over $35 million in revenue. Just imagine what they are pulling in today and you can clearly see that the industry is on the rise.

More Investment Opportunities Than Ever

There is no denying that online gambling had a lot to do with the rise in popularity of gambling. Heck, it was probably the very reason from this influx of cash flow. Quality online providers like idwinner are constantly popping up. This not only opens up a whole new market for users looking to start their very own online casinos, but it opens up a whole slew of investment opportunities as well. Not only are sites like this offering affiliate contracts, but they are offering investment opportunities to the right individuals. With a little bit of money and the right contacts, you might be able to clean up in the industry.

Esports Betting Could Be A Real Thing

You can ask any gamer or sports fan about eSports and they are going to know what you are talking about. This is because eSports did for the sports gaming world what online gambling did for the gambling industry. It should be more than evident that the industry is headed for all-time record highs, as it is predicted that the industry will be almost a $2 billion one by 2020. And, what’s even more impressive is that online providers like are going to be jumping in on the action. Just the mere fact that gambling could be officially associated with eSports is a testament to just how big the industry has grown and could grow.

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