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How American companies are benefiting from IT consultants

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It has never been easier to get a business off the ground. Now, that’s a bold statement, especially considering the current economic climate.

For starters, labor is abundant and cheap. Not all positions can be done remotely, but the last few months have shown that many jobs are WFH-friendly. And IT consultants are showing entrepreneurs how to get more for their money.

These agents often work closely with managed IT services firms. By re-designing processes to increase efficiency and lower costs, these trusted professionals have helped thousands of businesses better leverage their capital.

Below, we’ll explore exactly how IT consultants have helped countless SMEs this year.

Migrations to the cloud

Setting up and managing servers can be a costly and time-consuming process. Each unit costs between $2,300 on the low end, to an eye-popping $17,000 on the high end.

Then, there’s the never-ending list of responsibilities. Updating applications, running daily backups, and monitoring system usage are just a few. Oh, and don’t forget about network security. Combined, these jobs can stretch the bandwidth of your IT team to the limit.

Thankfully, companies no longer need to host their own servers. Cloud computing companies now operate massive server farms off-site, handling all the tasks that used to plague many businesses. In the process, these companies have gained untold thousands in savings, plus hundreds of hours of reclaimed time.

IT consultants can sketch a road map that can get a business from self-hosted servers to the Cloud. This way, businesses can migrate to cloud-based servers with minimal disruption.

Moving from analog to digital processes

When it comes to analog or non-digital processes, many businesses are set in their ways. Look at all the law firms that still employ articling students, or hospitals that still use paper records. Slowly but surely, though, these enterprises are hiring IT consultants to bring them into the 21st century.

IT consultants can engineer a digital transformation in many ways. They can create or revamp websites. They can digitize records that are currently in a hard copy format. Or they can set up an e-commerce platform – for businesses facing COVID shutdowns, this capability has proven crucial to their survival.

Leveraging big data

Businesses generate reams of useful data every day. From sales to website hits, these companies can mine this information for profit. However, unless they have a skilled data analyst on-staff, it can be hard to draw concrete conclusions.

Once again, IT consultants can step in. Leveraging their knowledge, they can identify sale trends, the most (and least) engaging parts of a website, and much more. This way, businesses can craft strategies that will improve their results.

Harnessing artificial intelligence

A sleeping giant is about to awaken – its name is AI. Short for artificial intelligence, it is poised to take over low-order tasks throughout the economy. Businesses that harness these gains will shoot to the top – those who don’t will struggle to keep up.

To many firms though, implementing AI feels impossible. It feels like a topic that only advanced programmers can understand. In truth, it’s less complicated than that, but this gap keeps many companies from reaping AI’s benefits.

By hiring an IT consultant, businesses can learn how artificial intelligence can help them. These professionals can them implement AI-driven processes that can improve their client’s performance.

Learning responsive design

According to the most recent statistics, 51.5% of internet users access it primarily through mobile devices. This revelation has design implications that many businesses have failed to grasp.

These organizations have web presences that make readability and navigation difficult. Unbeknownst to them, their poor web design is actively driving mobile users away.

An IT consultant can assess how a business looks on different platforms. Then, by using responsive design principles, they can create a website looks great on desktops, phones, and tablets.

Improving cybersecurity

The online security landscape is ever-shifting. Businesses that fail to keep up risk falling prey to the latest tricks cybercriminals are employing. Given the workload of the average IT professional, though, it can be hard to stay on top every development.

Sometimes, it pays to bring in an IT professional. As an outsider, they can look at a company’s systems with a fresh set of eyes. Because of this, they can spot deficits that in-house staff can miss.

Armed with the latest trends, they can implement solutions that can drastically improve an enterprise’s defences.

Tap into the knowledge of seasoned professionals

The best IT consultants are lifelong learners. They just don’t treat the acquisition of industry-leading knowledge as their duty – they actually enjoy the process. By bringing on an IT consultant, businesses can leverage knowledge that could help them achieve unprecedented gains.