How a student can realize and apply leadership

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Leadership is one of the most popular buzzwords among academics, students, and business people alike. You can easily find an example of some public speaker who is talking about this topic and how to become an effective leader. Well, there are reasons why this topic is popular nowadays. Our world is in need of strong leaders in every possible sphere of activities to make virtues such as integrity, transparency, and accountability a norm for the global community. That is why it is easy to write an essay on leadership for students and why it’s important to understand what is student leadership and why it matters.

There are leadership essay examples about how to realize and apply leadership, and I am going to provide you with my own list. I was a student and wrote essay examples myself, so I’ve got plenty of knowledge about this topic. After all, current student leadership qualities are the things that will affect the world in the future, and that is why one should know how to realize and apply leadership to practice.

What are the skills?

First of all, students have to know that leaders are made, not born. This fact implies that students can find ways to develop some relevant skills. It is possible to easily come up with samples of skills and activities designed to support leadership qualities and their natural development. That is why I decided to provide an example list of student leadership qualities.


A true leader is in a constant state of searching for something new, learning more, and basically developing as a person. Any essay on leadership is likely to point out that curiosity is one of the defining features of a true leader, which is also often attributed to students who want to learn more. So, there it is – curiosity is quite natural for students, and it is important to feed it to become a better person and a leader.

Empathy and emotional intelligence

Now, these things are harder to develop. Although these skills usually come naturally to a person, a true leader should actively participate in social relationships. This way, it will be possible to “sense” people way better, understand their motivations and feelings.

Flexibility and open-mindedness

Similar to the previous ones, these skills can come naturally and can be developed. It is all about being able to listen to others, analyze their position and opinions, and adjust appropriately. One could say that flexibility and open-mindedness are the prerequisites for negotiation skills.

Positive thinking

This one’s a no-brainer. I bet you haven’t heard of a leader that is pessimistic and depressed all the time, right? Positive thinking transforms into the external behavior of an individual, which boosts one’s confidence. Confident people are the ones who are able to lead others, so there we have it – quite easy and logical.

How to realize and apply leadership?

Now, this question is quite easy to answer – just do it! Sounds cliché as hell, but that’s about it. These following points are only a couple of things that you can do to express yourself effectively as a leader and hone your skills.

Social networking

The application of leadership skills is achievable through social interactions with others. So, I strongly advise you to find some student network, social group, or a similar thing and get involved in it. College and university settings provide so many opportunities – human rights, diversity, academia, and sports groups. All these clusters of people guided by some ideas can be used to apply your leadership. You can also consider different clubs bound by common interests; they serve as breeding grounds for various teams and “task forces” that want to achieve something together.

College/university politics

Always a great way to realize your inner leader. Being a member of the student council or government depends on how you call it at your institution, is a great way to start. Be active, be creative, propose interesting solutions – you will get invaluable experience and quickly climb the ladder to become a leader. Being on this sort of council means meeting with students, listening to their inquiries, and finding ways to satisfy them or some compromise decisions – that is awesome.


An obvious choice to get a handle of your skills and apply them. Even working in a restaurant provides opportunities to advance as a leader and hone your skills. For example, something goes south and you are asked to handle a situation – you are promoted to a leadership role to handle a conflict. Remember that being a leader is not only motivating others to do stuff; it is also about taking action when no one else can. That is why working is a great way to become an active leader who’s able to handle stressful situations and conflicts.

Volunteer activities

A no-brainer. Being a volunteer means several things: you have to meet lots of new people, you have to communicate outside your social circle, and you have to be good at creating connections. Being a volunteer often means that you’ll be in charge of some small task force or even a full team of individuals to achieve success in some project or activity. Being a volunteer veteran myself, I can also state that this is an invaluable experience and is a great indicator for others that you’re able to handle a lot.


So, being a leader can be taught; that’s a good sign. You have to possess some of the qualities innate to every leader to become one. Quick wits, ability to communicate and conflict management are just some of the things that you have to know to become a leader, but hey – there are lots of opportunities for this. Lots of leadership essay topics are exploring other qualities of leaders, so it’s not hard to find out more. Remember to apply those skills as much as you can. There are lots of opportunities for students to realize their potential in numerous ways. Being engaged in social groups, campus politics, working somewhere, being a volunteer – you just have to look carefully. So, good luck on your leadership path!

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