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How a podcast is fighting for sex equality across the globe

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Sex equality and gay issues are still a hush-hush affair in most corners of the world. As many would believe, it is still looked down upon in many countries. This is exactly what Jordan Power and Brad Price are all set to change with their world-famous sex-positive podcast named Shame on You.

Two 32-year old Canadian men are breaking stereotypes with their bold and raunchy gay podcast that is taking the world by storm.

The Shame on You podcast is a premium podcast started by Power and Price.

Before it all began, Jordan and Brad were two goofy gay friends living in Toronto. However, they have had to face the consequences of coming out and talking about their sexuality openly.

After decades of such ‘shaming’, the friends had a drink one too many one night and thought to take up a stand once for all.

What if they were invincible to shame? What if could be shameless? Not just about being gay, but in general.

This is when the idea of Shame on You podcast came up.

And the journey has been good. Within a year of starting their podcast, the show climbed the charts to become one of the fastest growing gay podcast in the world. It gained raving fans and listeners, with the download count spiked from 200 to now over 1 million downloads.

That’s right, 1 million!

In fact, within a year’s time, the show has garnered the attention of gay community worldwide, as well as inspired hundreds of gay men and teens to come out of their closets and embrace their sexuality fearlessly.

Most recently, it was revealed that a priest had come out after listening to Brad and Jordan’s stories and experiences on the podcast.

This news caused quite a furore, especially since Catholic community has always been against homosexuality despite having its own fair share of secrets.

What makes the podcast so popular and loved is the fact that it’s just two men, in their thirties, talking about their battles and experiences as gay men, and their common life experiences.

Nothing fancy, nothing out-of-the-ordinary, just real honest experiences of two gay men.

And the show routinely hosts people from all walks of life.

Jordan Power, the show host, is an exciting personality that wears many hats.

First off, he’s a writer.

He’s chronicled his raunchy diaries of being a gay man and decades of shaming in his book “Famous Anus: Stories from a decade under the Sinfluence”

His new book “My Therapist Sent Me Nudes” is bound for a 2020 release date.

Plus, he’s also a comedian and an activist. You will often find him attending and giving live interviews on many news networks in topics ranging from gay representation, LGBTQ rights and matters related around it.

The funny Canadian also owns his solo podcast named “The Therapy Diaries” where he delves into psychoanalysis which he later chronicles in his stream of consciousness diaries. Heavy stuff!

Power, along with his co-host and fellow comedian, Brad Price is taking their famous Shame on You podcast to places.

And the future is looking bright! With the worldwide tour lined up and Jordan’s new book about to release soon, the Shame on You podcast is just going to get bigger and better.

Story by Pratt Lawson