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House Republicans vote to keep discriminating against LGBT Virginians

lgbtThis afternoon, the Republican-dominated General Laws Subcommittee #4 passed two measures that codify discriminatory practices based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

  • HB385 – Marshall, R: Prohibits any political subdivision in Virginia, including city councils and school boards, from adopting any anti-discrimination rule that includes sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • HB781 – Cole: The “Bathroom Bill;” establishes that gender designation for restrooms, etc. in schools must be based on anatomical or biological sex, as opposed to gender identification.

“Discrimination is discrimination, plain and simple. Treating a certain demographic differently than the rest of society creates a group of second-class citizens that are not equally protected in the eyes of the law,” said Delegate Lashrecse Aird (63rd – Petersburg), who is a member of the General Laws Subcommittee #4. “The Subcommittee today told the LGBT community that they are second-class citizens and aren’t worth the same securities as the rest of us.”