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House Republicans’ talking points on the uninsured: ‘They’re not dying’

The Washington Post reported Friday on the stakes for Virginians and health care providers in the ongoing debate over taking federal money to close the coverage gap. It also proved yet again how out of touch House Republicans are with the crisis facing many Virginians who would benefit from expanded access to health care.

As one clinic operator put it:

“People die when they cannot get into our clinic, they really die.”

House Republican Leader Kirk Cox’s response to the crisis?  “They’re not dying.”

The crisis is real, and closing the coverage gap would help meet it. Governor McAuliffe and a bipartisan coalition of leaders are working to get it done. But Republicans in the House of Delegates are standing in the way, still content to waste Virginians’ tax dollars and deny them access to care that will save lives.

It’s time for House Republicans to come to the table.

– Press release from Democratic Party of Virginia