House passes VA dental care access pilot program

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The House of Representatives voted on Tuesday to pass H.J. Res 80, which would help veterans find quality and affordable dental care.

“Today, I am pleased to support critical legislation which would expand access to dental care for our bravest men and women,” Congresswoman Elaine Luria, D-Va., said. “Our veterans and servicemembers sacrificed so much for our country, and they deserve access to comprehensive healthcare which includes access to dental coverage. I hope this pilot program fills in the coverage gaps within our healthcare system and eventually is expanded to cover more veterans across the country.”

Under the MISSION ACT, the VA is authorized to carry out 10 pilot programs lasting up to five years. H.J. Res 80 would approve the VA’s request for a waiver to establish a dental health access pilot program. This program will allow the VA to use its resources to help these veterans find pro bono or discounted dental services in the community.

Currently, the VA is authorized to provide dental services to only eight percent of veterans enrolled in the VA health care system. Generally, veterans must meet several qualifications to receive dental care through the VA.

To receive dental care from the VA, veterans generally must have a dental condition that is related to a service-connected disability, be a former prisoner of war, be rated as 100-percent permanently and totally disabled, or need dental services in preparation for a hospital admission.

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