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House Dems respond to GOP efforts to hang on to majority

virginia house democratsThe Virginia House Democratic Caucus today issued the following statement on the 94th House District race from communications director Katie Baker.

“We thought this election was over on Dec. 19 when House Republicans issued a statement conceding that Shelly Simonds had won by one vote following a citizen-led recount. The statement also conceded their majority and offered encouraging language about a power-sharing agreement.

“But then the Yancey team realized they didn’t like the results, so they decided to manipulate the process in a desperate effort to change the outcome and steal the election.

“Furthermore, we find the circumstances surrounding the letter written by recount official Kenneth Mallory highly suspect and have yet to hear clear answers from the Yancey legal team as to their role in its creation. We are incredulous that Delegate Yancey had no knowledge of this letter even though he showed up at the court hearing that was supposed to be a formality.

“In any event, Shelly Simonds was the elected winner following the recount on Dec. 19, which the Republicans have been trying ever since to undo. The court erred both in admitting the ballot for consideration, which broke the rules of the citizen-led recount process, as well as in counting the ballot for Yancey, which, according to guidelines from the State Board of Elections, had already been accurately classified as an overvote by both the Democratic and the Republican observers.

“However, we empathize with the court as the Yancey team gave no notice of their plan to re-litigate a ballot that should not have been admitted in the first place, nor did they submit written arguments for the court to review. We look forward to the court’s response.

“Finally, we find it disappointing that that House Republicans are using the inaugural festivities as a smokescreen to hang on to power. However, nothing could be more transparent than Delegate Cox’s decision to re-adopt the term ‘speaker-designee.’ Even the Richmond Times-Dispatch Editorial Board has warned that Republicans can’t reclaim a high ground ‘if they hold onto their last vestige of power in state government like a snarling dog that won’t let go of a bone.’”

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