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House Democrats dominate in fundraising

house democratsHouse Democratic Caucus and Democratic candidates are continuing their 2019 trend of significantly outraising their Republican counterparts.

For candidates, the campaign finance reporting period was May 31 through June 30; for PACs, it was April 1 through June 30.

The House Democratic Caucus raised $805,790.51 in the second quarter with 1, 151 grassroots contributions (some grassroots contributors gave so frequently that they surpassed the $100 mark). Comparatively, the House Republican Campaign Committee raised just $535,028.33 with just 293 grassroots donations.

House Democratic Leader Eileen Filler-Corn also holds an impressive $602,994.33 cash on hand between her campaign committee and her newly launched leadership PAC, Energized for Change.

The 91 Democratic candidates running for the House of Delegates raised a combined $2,158,318.81. House Republican candidates raised less than 60 percent of that, with a total of $1,266,512.23.*

“There’s a simple reason House Democratic candidates are outraising Republicans: grassroots donations,” said House Democratic Caucus Executive Director Trevor Southerland. “House Republicans’ initial cash on hand advantage is rapidly slipping away as they double down on large-dollar donations. The House Republican Caucus is out of touch with Virginians – it shows in their policies and votes, and it shows in their inability to raise money from grassroots supporters. House Democratic candidates will have the resources they need to communicate with voters and win in November.”

Other significant notes include:

  • Republican incumbents Glenn Davis and Barry Knight reported zero grassroots donations. Kirk Cox, Chris Jones, Rob Bloxom, and David Yancey all reported five or fewer.
  • In HD-28, Democratic nominee Josh Cole has $158,138.44 cash on hand. His Republican opponent, Paul Milde has just $6,982.85 – and another $534,069.49 in unpaid debts. Milde unseated Republican incumbent Bob Thomas in the June primary, even after Speaker Kirk Cox’s PAC gave Thomas $65,000 to try to win the nomination.
  • HD-27, Democratic nominee Larry Barnett raised $70,597.26 with an average donation of $60.26. Republican incumbent Roxann Robinson raised just $39,182.81 with an average donation of $297.64. Barnett also holds a cash on hand advantage.
  • In HD-40, Democratic nominee Dan Helmer outraised Republican incumbent Tim Hugo, $104,341.07 to $71,464.27
  • In HD-83, Democratic nominee Nancy Guy raised $54,756.88, with an average donation of $49.24. Republican incumbent Chris Stolle raised just $27,240 with a staggeringly high average donation of $801.18. Guy also holds a cash on hand advantage.
  • In HD-84, Democratic nominee Karen Mallard raised $47,370.74 with an average donation of $44.73. Republican incumbent Glenn Davis raised just $19,467.52 with an average donation of $695.27. Mallard also boasts $87,823.71 cash on hand. Davis’s cash on hand, minus his unpaid debts, is just $11,289.07.
  • In HD-94, Democratic nominee Shelly Simonds raised $95,281.94, while Republican incumbent David Yancey – who won the 2017 election by a random drawing – raised only $51,013.99.
  • In HD-100, Democratic nominee Phil Hernandez raised $92,674.56. Republican incumbent Rob Bloxom raised $475 – and he still has a higher average donation. Hernandez also holds a significant cash on hand advantage.

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