Holidays in Las Vegas: How to make it unforgettable

Las Vegas

Credit: Katrina Brown

The draw of Sin City has always been a real one. From the time of its “grand opening” to today, it’s one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. People flock there for the casinos as well as the best shows. The best show in Las Vegas is waiting for you, choose it at if you’re interested. If you’ve found yourself browsing Las Vegas holiday packages hoping to hop on a flight (there is almost guaranteed to be a Vegas flight from every major airport), then this list is for you. After all, there are more activities in Las Vegas than just gambling.

Tour the Strip

Without a doubt, the Strip is the most famous (and infamous) part of Las Vegas. It’s changed throughout the years. It used to be a hotbed of crime, including drug deals and prostitution. (Prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas, by the way.) That changed with city re-branding. Now it’s a safe place to wander down at any hour of the day or night. If you’re not driving, you can feel free to take your drink with you while you see the sights. You might reconsider walking the entire thing, though:  It’s four miles long!

See World-Famous Casinos

The Luxor, the Bellagio, the Mirage, MGM Grand. These and others are the best-known casinos in the world for a good reason. They offer a variety of ways to gamble in different environments. Even if you aren’t big on gambling, simply stopping in to look around is a must-do when you’re in Las Vegas. The Luxor, in particular, is easy to spot since it’s shaped like a giant pyramid with a tip that glows at night. Tip: If you do gamble, wait for the waiters or waitresses to approach you and offer a drink, don’t immediately buy one yourself.

Experience the Food

There are many five-star restaurants in Las Vegas. There are also more relaxed restaurants that, while still delicious, are often cheaper and more budget-friendly. Whichever you prefer, there’s a place for you. From seafood buffets to black-tie Asian fare to the best steaks you’ll ever eat, you can find it in Vegas. Keep in mind that, for more famous restaurants, you’ll need to book a reservation before leaving. Even some of the smaller ones will recommend it if you’ll be coming in when it’s busy.

Musical Shows

Music is a big part of the Las Vegas scene. Here, you can experience a wide array of different styles, from country to classical, pop to rock, it doesn’t matter. Perhaps the best-known performer in Las Vegas today is the pop princess Britney Spears. She still puts on regular shows trotting out old hits and even some of her new singles. But if Britney isn’t your style, there are frequent concerts and performances by other artists.

Magical Shows

Siegfried and Roy were perhaps the most famous magicians in Vegas for a while along with their tigers. But there are many other magicians and illusionists if that’s more your style than traditional shows. These include big-name performers as well as street magicians who you can sometimes just stumble across while making your way down the strip. Some of the shows aren’t for the fainthearted, so be sure you know what the content will be before purchasing tickets.


The nightlife in Las Vegas is, of course, one of the best. There is a variety of nightclubs, bars, and many other places for adults to unwind, drink, or just dance the night away. If you head there in summer, you can cool down at one of the numerous rather exclusive pool parties hosted at many of the resorts and hotels. Whatever you feel like doing, there is a place in Las Vegas that can accommodate you.

There is a reason that Las Vegas is known as a holiday destination in the entire world. From beautiful resorts, elegant restaurants, massive casinos, and a plethora of shows, there is something for everyone here. So pick up a phone, or turn on a computer, and begin planning your dream vacation today!


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