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Hillary Clinton to officially launch presidential campaign June 13

AugustFreepress - Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton’s campaign team has announced she will officially launch her campaign June 13 at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park in New York City. A spokesperson for the campaign suggested the park was chosen because of Clinton’s admiration for Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor.

The rally will mark the beginning of a four-stop tour of states that will hold their primaries relatively early: Nevada, South Carolina, Iowa, and New Hampshire. During her stop in Iowa, Clinton stage a meeting for campaign organizers and volunteers that will be broadcast around the country to other similar meetings.

All of this follows the script that has been expected from the Clinton camp for years. Clinton’s war chest is large, and her campaign will continue to hold the advantage over the ever-growing list of Republican contenders until the primaries build momentum and attention for the eventual winner of the Republican presidential nomination.

Even Vegas-styled betting sites are putting odds on Hillary Clinton as the heavy favorite. Jeb Bush continues to lead the pack behind Clinton, but there is obviously a great deal that needs to happen before it becomes clear who will stand strongest against Clinton.

Clinton will have her share of challenges. Her once near-universal popularity amongst Latino voters may be less certain in 2016 than it was during the 2008 primaries. The African Americans that supported Barack Obama’s candidacy back then will be less inclined to support Clinton. And as the election day draws closer, Republican candidates will grow their electoral machines and grow the infrastructure they’ll need to compete with the Democratic heavyweight.

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