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Herring condemns Supreme Court decision to allow Texas abortion ban to remain in effect

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The U.S. Supreme Court is allowing legal challenges brought by healthcare providers against Texas’ abortion ban to move forward, but failed to enjoin the ban while those challenges proceed through the courts.

Count outgoing Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring among the unimpressed.

“I am incredibly disappointed in the Court’s ruling today, and sadly this decision gives us a glimpse into how they plan on handling abortion cases moving forward, with little regard for decades of constitutional precedent,” said Herring, who lost his bid for a third term in last month’s statewide elections.

“Texas should not be allowed to continue with its blatantly unconstitutional and illegal abortion ban while it is being challenged in court. Period. Texans have been burdened with this disgusting law for too long, and they should be allowed to make their own decisions about their reproductive healthcare once again.

“I’m proud of the work I have done alongside my colleagues to protect the constitutional right to an abortion in Texas and around the country – and I will never let up on this fight,” Herring said.

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