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Here’s how you can find the best espresso beans easily

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Thanks to the drastically increasing number of coffee shops and other cafes everywhere around us, we all have been introduced to the best kind of beans and flavors over time. With the change in beverage trends, the coffee has gone from something really simple to really intricate. Now, making good coffee is considered no less than a talent that can easily help one make bucks too.

However, even with so much specialized coffee brewing technology introduced to the world, no one can still ace at the coffee making job without having the best coffee beans to brew. Served for the first time around a 100 years ago, espresso has been ruling the world ever since.

No matter how many cafes serve it out there, everyone desires to brew one cup of espresso on their own in the comfort of their home. However, in our struggle to make the best espresso, the only hurdle that we have to face are the substandard beans.

We understand your love for espresso and would never want you to suffer a bad coffee making day just because you couldn’t get great beans.

If you don’t know how to find the best espresso beans, then this is the perfect place for you to be at. Below, we are going to spill some beans on how to find the best beans for your espresso. We hope that these tips will make your next coffee purchase the greatest ever of its kind.

So without further ado, let us begin:

Know your favorite beans’ source

If you have been eating apple pies a lot you would know how different pies taste different even when all of them are made out of the same fruit – apple. Well, this is because each apple is different in its sweetness and taste from the others and thus the pies made out of different apples taste slightly different.

But why are we talking about apples here? Well, so that you treat coffee beans like apples and know that the beans sourced from one region are different in flavor from those sourced from another region.

You need to see where your preferred beans come from and then buy only those for a better espresso. Wondering how to find the source of your preferred beans? Well, that is simple. Just ask any barista about your favorite coffee made by them. Directly ask them about the beans they use and they would happily tell you the source of those beans.

Buy fresher beans

Nothing can ever beat the flavorsome wholesomeness that freshly roasted beans come with. Espresso would taste the most heavenly when its beans are roasted 7 to 21 days before you make the coffee. These beans produce the best froth on your coffee’s top and also contribute to the brew’s aroma. Hence, investing in those is a good idea.

Go for darker roasts

While you can prepare espresso with any kind of roast you like, we suggest you go for darker roasts, often called the espresso roast. Darker roasts often retain their taste and essence for long and hence pair up with milk in a better way. Investing in darker roasts ensures that you can have the consistent-tasting coffee every time no matter how many days you keep the beans there in your cabinet. You can even freeze these darker beans if you want and they would still give you the same consistency upon being brewed again.

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