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Here’s how GrandCoin, the New Time project, was built 

GrandCoin is also known as The New Time and it is a company that’s based in the city Buffalo Grove. It is a highly successful startup company, with their unique selling point being that GRAND is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain as an ER20 smart contract. This means that it’s a simple and fast Ethereum-based wallet. They currently have over 54 countries on board with this business and a huge online fan base, with over 42,000 followers on instagram.

However, just like many other startup companies out there, it wasn’t a smooth road for 18 year old Olga Zeitunian and her father. Here’s the story of how it all started.

The history

Just like many people around the world, Olga was born through history that is molded as part of her identity. For the 18 year old, her story of success began in 1915 with the Armenian Genocide.Olga stated that, “My ancestors escaped by boats and had to make their way across the Black Sea to reach their final destination – Sochi, Russia.”

Her family were determined to survive,even after having to suffer from the horrible experiences that they had. Olga believes that no matter what a person goes through, even if they’ve reached their darkest place, there’s always light to pull you back. Just like her family, having a strong and positive attitude is what helped make decisions that were life changing.

The motivation

Olga was born in Sochi, Russia. Once her family had settled down across Western Russia, they eventually became successful, but with an inevitable obstacle that they had to face. Olga has stated that, “No matter what, my ancestors and father struggled economically because of the political structure of the country.”

However, being the blood of survivors, it didn’t stop them to look forward and to try even harder. Olga believes that everyday is a life lesson but we must always keep our heads up.

The birth of the company

After searching for every solution in Western Russia, her family decided to continue looking for hope by moving to America. As Olga grew older, she understood the obstacles her family had to face and the unfairness that this world had brought to them. However, this didn’t stop Olga from being determined to make her family proud. Her flame for motivation grew stronger as she suggested and motivated her father to start The New Time project for her.

Olga stated that, “I motivated my dad, Artur Grandi, to start The New Time project for me. Now, the project became a passion of mine that I want to deliver to the world.”

She strongly believes that anyone can achieve their dreams if they devote themselves and persist on fighting until the very end. The New Time Projected was birthed through the positive attitude and motivation that she and her father had.

The success

Olga’s idea became a huge success with the help of her father bringing it to life. Many customers who have joined the company have enjoyed the features of Blockchain decentralization, a great network marketing program, trustworthy and useful software and the fact that it’s simple to use. Olga stated that, “We make sure that our product is fast and reliable for our clients, which is why we stand out against our competitors and they are left completely satisfied.”

The company has a huge community that is built on helping each other, with a constant expansion for online networking. They have measured great results by having users from all over the world use the company’s product, with it resulting in a positive effect on these businesses. GrandCoin is the new future for online financial transactions and it will stay around as a long term trend that will boom rapidly over the next few years. This provides the opportunity to clients to gain the advantages of The New Time Project, now that it’s a growing niche.

The successful business woman is motivated by having a strong mentality and by wanting to make her family proud. She’s inspired by Dale Carnegie and strongly stands by his quote, “Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude.”

Story by Virginia Sagal