Here’s how Agrie Ahmad aka Bartmann aides the vulnerable

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Agrie Ahmad, a beard professional and influencer, has used his platform to better the lives of others. The Mannheim, Germany native offers makeovers and beard advice to his clients at his barbershop but also makes a difference in his community by helping the vulnerable. Whether they are homeless or retirees, Agrie has made it his goal to offer them a better attitude towards life, even if it’s for one day. This article will explore what Agrie Ahmad does for the vulnerable in his community.

Who is Agrie Ahmad?

Agrie Ahmad is a 35 year old barber and YouTuber born and based in Mannheim, Germany. Agrie started out studying Business Management, and ended up completing a Bachelor of Science in 2014. Although he pursued his studies, Agrie’s real passion was his beard. At age 22, Agrie had a fairly even beard. He was not satisfied with it and made it his mission to find products that allow healthy beard growth. Seeing that at that point the most popular trend was men having the beardless look, and the beard trend was just starting to emerge, Agrie saw a gap in the market. Agrie then ventured to Berlin to start a business.

At first he took up an internship at a startup company which had him sell care products for women. At this time, Agrie started his YouTube career naming himself Bartmann which means ‘beard man’. His YouTube career started a bit shaky, being filmed on an iPhone 5 by friends and family. This produced a lot more laughs and confusion than content at first, but eventually Agrie filmed four videos a month offering tips and being promoted by beard products from the UK and USA. He also started testing and evaluating barbers, which led to his followers’ growth spurt. Bartmann eventually produced his own beard oil. While working for the startup company, he had a realization that he could do what they were doing, but for his own product. Agrie used a pharmacist in Karlsruhe to test out a few products which led to him starting small-scale production. The demand for these products instantly grew and this set off Agrie on his successful career.

Aiding the vulnerable

Agrie, who loves to help people feel good, uses his success to make the more vulnerable feel good. Agrie says, “After I did over 100 videos about beards, I started to do what I love and start to help other people.” Even if it’s only for a day, Agrie offers homeless people and retirees a world-class grooming session which consists of a warm shower, haircut, beard trim as well as new, stylish clothing. The makeovers mainly take place in his barbershop in Mannheim after businesses and members of the community have offered donations for it. The Bartmann channel offers a range of videos showing the makeovers in Germany and abroad.

One of the videos features a homeless man in Mannheim named Peter. Peter, who worked for the United Nations, went through an astonishing transformation which made him fit for the red carpet. Another video features another homeless man named Kasim in Istanbul, Turkey. After Kasim experienced a makeover, the same way Peter did, we see him serenading audiences in the park with a Turkish song on his guitar. Bartmann is also known to give essentials to homeless people. He has supplied those in need with thermos flasks from a Berlin company and tea and rolls from a Mannheim bakery during the coldest temperatures. Besides helping the vulnerable, Agrie also helps his loyal followers. Agrie says his followers apply over Instagram and send him “photos of their actual clothing styles and hair.” He then invites them to his barber shop in Mannheim and gives them a “complete new style.”

Onwards and upwards

The Bartmann empire has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception in 2014. Today, Agrie Ahmad owns one of the most popular barber shops in Germany and is one of the leading beard care influencers in the world. Now, Agrie Ahmad is relocating to Dubai with his wife and two children. As he continues his acts of giving and charity, he does so with an impressive beard and an impeccably stylish outfit showing what a well-groomed man should look like.

Story by Giuliana Speranza

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