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Here’s how a father and son relationship formed into The Satin Crew 

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Father Marco and son Alexander are the creators behind the company The Satin Crew. This successful business has been running over a year now and was officially founded on 18th October 2019. They specialise in showcasing their private car collection to the world and have over 47,000 followers on instagram from followers who love their collection. The company is based in Germany, but has open arms to everyone globally. They simply love cars and want to invite everyone to their journey.

How did their passion grow?

From a young age both the father and son shared the same interest for cars, when growing up individually during their childhoods. It formed a strong bond between them and motivated them to have a private collection of the most extravagant, beautiful and sophisticated cars out there. Marco explained that, “We love to share our passion for the cars we own and would love to invite everyone to our journey and the experiences of owning these cars.”

Their private collection soon turned into a business, where they formed the company that is known as The Satin Crew. They do not sell cars, but only showcase their unique collection from brands such as Porsche, Mercedes, Audi and Lamborghini. Alexander explained that, “Both our website and social media pages focus on our cars and what we do with them. We love sharing our experiences.”

What is featured on the website?

The website features plenty of images of their beautiful range of cars. There are also still life drawings of cars and videos from events and their road trips. Both the father and son are content creators and they love showcasing that on a daily basis. Due to the current pandemic, it is hard for them to be able to record live events of cars and racing, but they are in the works of doing that, once everything is back to normal again.

Marco explained that, “We care about our community, we would like to invite car fans onto our journey of collecting cars! We have a large variety of different luxury and supercars and are simply sharing our passion about them. As not everyone is able to own these kinds of cars, we are aiming to share how it is to own these cars.”

Where can you check out their collection on a daily basis?

They have a Tik Tok account and Instagram account where they film themselves driving in cinematic content and professional photos of the car models. They also include short videos of cars being gifted, riding in their whips and even unboxing accessories for cars.

There is a general theme to their private collection, which is a finishing black matte design, sport cars and cool cars. Their social media accounts are admirable, for it can motivate many car lovers to have their own collection someday. They get over 2,000 likes on their images and it has a great theme of dark and cold colours, but are still very attractive and alluring. Alexander explained that, “We love sharing our photos and it’s rewarding to see that so many people love our work too.”

Marco and Alexander do have projects in the works, but they are under wraps for now. Instead, they have succeeded in their aim in showcasing their private collection and are wanting to motivate others to do the same. Alexander explained that, “We want to invite people to join our motoring journey, so buckle up and get ready for this!”

Will they showcase any future projects?

At this moment in time it is difficult for them to showcase projects with the current pandemic. However, they do have a lot of ideas in the works, which will all be revealed at a later time on their website. Marco explained that “We do have things that we are developing, but we will not ruin the surprise, so instead come and share our journey with us and enjoy our private collection!”

If you’re a car lover just like Marco and Alex, then be sure to stay tuned and check out their website for the most beautiful cars that you’ll ever see.

Story by Virginia Sagal

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