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Here’s 5 things that you need to know about Prod.KY 

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There are many music producers out there that are super talented and Prod.KY is one of them. This Australian born trap music producer has helped many rappers around the world by leasing and selling exclusive licenses. He has built his own empire from scratch and has over 90,000 followers on social media like instagram. His unique sounds are what has made him known, for he creates smooth and melodic tracks, as well as hard hitting trap beats. If you haven’t heard about him before, you sure will be curious about him after reading these 5 facts about him.

He makes at least 10 beats a day

When it comes to true success, there is a lot of work behind it. Prod.KY knows this and has been producing at least 10 beats daily, in order to continue his growth for his business. He has stated, “You have to rely on yourself as your own mixing engineer, mastering engineer, producer and any other role. You don’t need to go to school to learn, it’s all on the internet and you can be a great producer if you can do it all yourself. It’s also rewarding. Remember 90% of the mix is in the levelling the rest is just the right stereo width, cleaning up bad frequencies and boosting the better ones if need be!”

He’s a family man

Even though the impressive producer works hard towards producing his music, he is still a dedicated family man. In his own time he tries to spend it with his family and teaches them as much as he can. He has stated, “I really love and care about my family and son and stay motivated and hustle for them through everything, as I’ve always wanted to be the best role model possible for my kids.”

He used to be a rapper

Prod.KY used to be a rapper, which is why he knows how to produce and engineer to what modern sound sounds like and how to accustom music to people’s taste. However, he chose to pursue his career in producing, because he has a stronger passion for it. He’s stated that, “You learn all the natural minor scales, because most of the time if you’re producing trap or hip hop even some rock and pop songs sometimes, they mainly reside in the minor key because it gives a more dark, emotional and intense mood sometimes that rappers really vibe with!”

He grew up listening to rock and RnB music

He has stated that, “I fell in love with hip hop and RnB as a kid, when the artist ‘Soulja Boy’ dropped the hit ‘crank that’, after that I couldn’t turn back. I actually grew up listening to a lot of rock and RnB, mainly because of my mother. It really helped me build a love for music, and knowing all different genres of music really helps me to do unique things or add really dope elements from different genres and form it into hip hop / trap.”

He greatly admires music producers such as Wheezy, Turbo, Cash Money Ap, Nick Mira, the whole of Internet Money, Pvlace and Jetson made. He believes that they are great influences to music and produces some of the greatest hits that have been around.

He stands strongly against human trafficking

The music producer stands strongly against slavery and child exploitation through human trafficking. He wishes to eradicate the illegal system of children being sold online and that are hidden in plain sight. He explained that, “We forget to care about it, because a lot of the time when we were growing up we had a roof over our heads and a blissful childhood, while these kids are getting sold through illegal websites and are hidden in plain sight for all the wrong people that are in the world.”

Prod. KY dedicates himself to helping organisations that try to fight against human trafficking, because he wants to make a great difference to this world. He also wants to help eradicate poverty and believes that any leftover food or products should be given to the homeless people instead of being on sale for discounted prices.

Story by Virginia Sagal

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