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Here is why Psyclo is our new favorite artist

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Artists can come and go, some may stay for a long period of time, whereas others slowly hide away once they have peaked in their fame. It can sometimes be hard to pinpoint a new artist that is eccentric, unique and has great potential; but luckily we have found a music artist who is new to the game and has become a favorite to add to our list.

What we love about Psyclo is that her music allows us to reconnect with our mind, body and soul. It is hard to narrow down the exact genre that she does, because she likes to break the barriers through her music and cross categorize different genres together.

Her singles

LA based singer Psyclo also does songwriting and is a record producer. Her first single that she released in April is called friEND and she has taken elements of R&B, rap and even pop rock throughout the song. It cleverly works all together, as she has showcased her talents through her singing. The beat goes from mellow to energetic. It is a song that you’d easily have on repeat on your playlist and is perfect for a chilled out environment.

Freaks is another single and it is very catchy to listen to. The song begins slowly with a calm beat, but her voice is refreshing to hear and stands out completely; which is another reason as to why you’d be allured by her music. In Freaks she also sings in Mandarin.

City Blood Bank has a completely different narrative as a song, as it begins with a piano playing and then you are taken away by the aesthetic theme of an alternative dark pop style; even though the piano is still playing and the beat is mellow. Psyclo mainly showcases her talents in rapping on this specific track.

So far, Psyclo has released 12 singles which are available to listen to on all platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. Her music is very alternative and her lyrics are dark, but she cleverly intertwines that with other genres such as hip hop, R&B and pop. Her creativity really shows through her songs and her voice is something that is memorable and will stick with you; since she’s very distinctive.

About her

The name ‘Psyclo’ is a representation of the unknown, the strangeness, the fun and it is a symbol of the singer finding herself and feeling in a safe place.

When she was a child, she had the dream to be an actress. She was intrigued by the idea of being able to live through someone else’s life by playing different roles. Even though she fought to go to acting school, her parents insisted that she should study abroad.

Psyclo moved to Hollywood in order to study Filming/Directing and Screenwriting in college. She graduated, but felt that this wasn’t the right path for her since she later discovered that the highly social environment for this type of business was not for her.

She made friends with several music majors, which she was gifted with the knowledge of learning about making music. As she was on the path to finding herself, she discovered that she was able to express herself through music. At first, she wrote her songs in Chinese and then in English. However, in some of the singles that she’s released such as Freaks there’s a cool mixture of both languages.

In her senior year, she developed her love for music into a serious commitment. Her songs reflect her real life experiences, such as feeling lonely in a huge city. She is also still on the path of finding herself and believes that people will always be changing, so therefore there isn’t one mold of a person and personality; since we continue to change as people in small and big ways. Through her experiences and feelings of expression, she has been able to write lyrics that can be relatable.

As new fans to her music, we love the journey that she is on and want to take up that ride with her, in order to see the creative music that she makes in the future.

Story by Virginia Sagal

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