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Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney Shannon Taylor endorses Mark Herring for attorney general

shannon taylorHenrico Commonwealth’s Attorney Shannon Taylor endorsed Mark Herring for re-election as attorney general in a digital video released on Monday.

“For two decades, the men serving as Virginia’s attorney general either ignored civil rights or actively worked to use the law against people in Virginia who didn’t think or look like them. Then came Mark Herring, and he transformed the role into a protector of the people, working to expand our freedoms,” says Taylor in the new digital video. “He took on violence, racism, and the big corporations polluting our Bay and flooding our communities with opioids.

“I thought about running for attorney general myself because Mark showed us how the office can be a powerful force for good. And right now the office is in good hands. So when I heard Mark Herring was running again for attorney general, he’s got my vote, and I hope he’ll have yours.”

“Shannon has been an absolute champion for justice and I am honored to have her support and endorsement. It’s an incredible affirmation of the work we’ve done to protect and expand Virginians’ rights and to ensure justice, equality, and opportunity for all,” said Herring. “Shannon is a trailblazer herself, being the first woman to ever serve as Henrico’s Commonwealth’s Attorney and the first Democrat in generations to win countywide in her key suburban county. She understands how badly Republicans want to reclaim this office and turn it back over to another Cuccinelli-style conservative, and how important it is that we hold onto this seat and keep the progress going.”

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