Healthiest juices you should be drinking every day

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Fruits and vegetables are arguably the most important part of anybody’s diet. Juice has become a quick and easy way to get your daily serving of fruits and veggies. It is important to note that not all juices should be treated the same due to differences in the processing, addition of other substances, and freshness. The freshest and healthiest juices out there are cold pressed fruit juices because they do not contain added preservatives, they are fresh, and do not undergo a pasteurization process that can denature important enzymes present in the fresh fruit and vegetables. The recommendations to include veggies and fruit into your diet are in place for good reason as we need many essential vitamins and nutrients that come only from plants. Below is a description of the healthiest juices you may want to consider adding to your daily diet plan. Adding juice can ensure you get all the necessary vitamins and nutrients you need and wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

Juice with citrus

Citrus is oftentimes considered one of the essential fruits and this is for good reason. Citrus contains what is known as vitamin c which aids the body in its immune function. A good working immune system is important especially during times of a pandemic like we are experiencing today. Immunity cold pressed juice shots will contain some kind of citrus to provide the body with this essential vitamin. In addition to aiding the body’s immunity, vitamin c prevents the formation of an illness known as scurvy. Scurvy was first discovered during the times of long maritime trips. During these trips, the crew of the ships typically only ate the preserved food on board that was able to last long journeys. This did not include citrus or many fresh produce items and led many of these individuals to develop scurvy. Symptoms included bleeding gums and the reopening of previously healed wounds. Having a daily dose of citrus is important to both increase your immunity and avoid scurvy.

Juice with probiotics

One area of study that has grown in popularity is the gut and its associated symbiotic relationship with the bacteria and microorganisms that inhabit it. This increase in knowledge about beneficial bacteria has led to the development of many different kinds of probiotics and prebiotic formulas to stimulate the colonization of good gut bacteria. It has actually been shown that certain bacteria in the gut have been correlated with a good standard of health while others are associated with a poorer standard of health. Many of the probiotics and prebiotics attempt to alter the gut biome by increasing the relative number of the bacteria associated with good health.  Prebiotics work by providing the nutrition to these gut bacteria which allows them to better colonize. Probiotics work by introducing bacteria into the gut by including bacterial cultures into the probiotic. By having a probiotic cold pressed juice you are able to get in your daily dose of fruit or veggies while also promoting a good gut health, both of which are correlated with a good standard of health.

Juice with elderberry

Elderberry syrup has long been used as a way to help alleviate cold and flu symptoms. Much like how people have a bowl of nice hot chicken noodle soup when they are sick, some have found the same effect in elderberries. Elderberries are full of antioxidants and vitamins that help to minimize inflammation and alleviate flu symptoms. Not only is elderberry good for you but it is also very tasty and a great addition to any morning diet routine. Pairing a juice with elderberry with oatmeal is a great way to ensure you get your day off on the right start.

Juice with ginger

Ginger has its roots in very ancient civilizations where it was often utilized for its great health benefits. The ginger root has been found to reduce inflammation and to calm the digestive tract. Having juice with ginger everyday ensures you are feeling your best before you walk out the door. In addition to having many health benefits, ginger has a unique and great spice taste to it. Many dishes around the world actually utilize the unique and desirable flavor profile of ginger to elevate the dish.

Overall cold pressed juices are something that can be had everyday without worry of it not being healthy. In its most basic form, cold pressed juice is simply juiced vegetables and fruit, both of which are necessary and healthy things to consume. By having the juices described above everyday you are able to ensure that your body is receiving all the nutrients and help it needs to feel and work at its best. With the convenience factor of these juices being pre bottled, it makes it perfect for anybody that has an on the go lifestyle that is also looking to stay consistent and healthy with their diet.

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