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He wants you to remember one thing: Sonjay

Sonjay Dutt is a young veteran – 28 years old, but now in his 10th year in the wrestling business.

“I ask myself that all the time … where do I go, what do I do next?” said Dutt, a native Northern Virginian who is one of the building blocks on the Awesome Wrestling Entertainment roster.

The answer comes in short order. “When I go out there, I want to be different. I want to be different from everybody else. I want to be exciting. I want to be innovative. I want everybody to go home and remember Sonjay Dutt. I want them to remember Sonjay’s match. I want them to remember exactly what I did in that ring. And that’s every time I get out there,” Dutt said.

He’s not the biggest guy on the roster, by far. “I’m 5’8″, about 185 pounds. There’s a bunch of guys in this locker room that are triple my size,” said Dutt, who wears as a badge of honor that he doesn’t get hired because of his look or bulging biceps.

“I was hired because of my skill in the ring. I was hired because I know how to wrestle. I think that’s what AWE is going to focus on, is that aspect of professional wrestling action,” Dutt said.

AWE’s family-friendly approach focusing on action in the ring appeals to Dutt.

“These crowds that come out are walking away with something that they haven’t seen from other shows. There’s a lot of shows that are out there, a lot of promotions that are out there. What we bring to the table is we’re trying to revolutionize the world of professional wrestling. I think AWE has that vision,” Dutt said.

So that’s where the young veteran’s focus is. Growing as a wrestler and growing with AWE.

“Professional wrestling is my only love and my passion. I don’t see myself doing anything else. So as long as I’m able to walk, and as long as I’m able to climb in that ring, I’m going to be wrestling with full force. And I think AWE is definitely the place to be,” Dutt said.

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