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Having many Instagram followers: Worth the hype, or just a fuss?

instagramIf you’re like most people, then you must have that one friend – the internet freak, the Instagram-lord, and the self-acclaimed social media guru – who’s always boasting about having a million followers on Instagram, and who’s never passed the chance to make a mockery of you about not having the kind of following or social media understanding he has. Well, we cannot blame people like these; after all, this is the way of the world, and having millions of followers on Instagram is certainly the order of the day.

But what is more intriguing is the extent to which people go to get these following. While some people devout the majority of their time towards building their profiles and attracting more followers, several others spend their money to buy followers. Yes, people buy Instagram followers! At this juncture, one cannot help but wonder why everyone is super-crazy about getting tens of millions of followers on Instagram. Is it just for the fun of it, or is there more to it? Certainly, there has to be! So if you’re like most people and you’re wondering whether having so many Instagram followers is just a fuss or there is more to it, allow me to break it to you that there certainly is more to it! In this light, find out below the reasons why everyone is looking for Instagram followers.

A source of income

I don’t know about your self-acclaimed Instagram-lord of a friend, but there are loads of people on Instagram today who are making money off their following. These kinds of people strive to attract more followers because they understand the simple Instagram fact that a large number of followers are more likely to attract more users, and that exposure to random users helps you get attention from brands and advertisers. Once you have a large follower base, you become a brand yourself on Instagram, with an opportunity to advertise for brands, promote products, connect with people, and get paid for your services on the platform. But that’s not even all. Many young people today, on Instagram, are striving to increase the number of followers they have, with the ultimate goal of becoming an influencer.

Let’s you become an influencer

Another reason why people strive so much to gain followers on Instagram is because of the opportunity that lies therein. Thanks to the ever-increasing growth of Instagram, many people – especially the youngies – have started pursuing a career in “influencing.” For these kinds of people, the fastest way to realize their dream is by attracting more followers and reaching more audiences.

Helps you gain more clients and customers

As one of the most popular social platforms around today, Instagram has recently become the go-to destination for business owners and entrepreneurs alike. With more than a billion users, entrepreneurs understand fully well that there is a pool of potential customers waiting to be converted to repeat customers on Instagram. And the best way to get these customers is through Instagram following. As a business brand, once you become popular among Instagram users, it becomes easier to attract more users and followers. And with more and more viewership, you can only expect the expansion of clients to happen automatically.

Website traffic improvement

When you see people working so hard or paying a huge sum to increase their Instagram following, it is not because they’re stupid, but rather because they understand the market of today. Many of them have websites that aren’t ranking well; many have websites that aren’t even attracting the right audiences, let alone generating real organic traffic. So, to improve on this, they invest either their money or effort and time into the development of their Instagram following. The belief is that once they are able to attract many followers on this platform, it becomes easier to direct the attracted audiences onto their websites.

Become a trend on the network

Who doesn’t wish to become the talk of the town, albeit in a positive way? We all do! And the fastest way to reach that on Instagram is by gaining more audience, that is, getting more followers. If you’re a brand, it further announces you to new clients or customers; and if you’re an individual, it serves to bring you into the limelight.

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