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Harrisonburg seeks involvement in South Main/Erickson survey

harrisonburgThe Harrisonburg Department of Public Works and VDOT are looking for public feedback regarding travel conditions and potential options for improvements along portions of South Main Street and Erickson Avenue.

A survey, which went out to the public Monday, Aug. 19, asks participants about their experiences and recommendations on improvements for South Main Street from Erickson Avenue/Stone Spring Road to Mosby Road, and for the intersection of Erickson Avenue and Pear Street. The survey will be open until Saturday, Sept. 7, and includes questions such as “are changes needed to improve travel conditions at the intersection of Erickson and Pear?” and “What specific concerns do you have about South Main Street between Stone Spring and Mosby?”

Those interested can access the survey here:

Feedback gained from the survey will inform the VDOT Strategically Targeted and Affordable Roadway Solutions (STARS) transportation planning study. The study will evaluate operational and safety conditions, and recommend improvements, for the stretch of South Main Street. It also will evaluate and perform preliminary design work for future improvements to the Erickson Avenue and Pear Street intersection.

“South Main Street is a key artery into and out of Harrisonburg, and it is vital for us to work to address any potential safety issues along the corridor and at the key intersection with Erickson Avenue and Stone Spring Road,” Harrisonburg Public Works Planning Manager Erin Yancey said. “Additionally, we want to plan for the future when it comes to improving the intersection of Erickson Avenue and Pear Street. It’s important to us to get the community involved as soon as possible to make sure area drivers, home and business owners in the corridor, customers and all others have input in this process.”

A public meeting will be held later this year to request feedback on draft study recommendations. The STARS study is expected to be completed in March 2020. Recommended improvements will be incorporated into the City’s Capital Improvement Program and other planning documents, as appropriate, to prepare them for implementation. Low-cost recommendations not requiring additional research may be coordinated for implementation in 2020.

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