Harrisonburg PD welcoming JMU students back to campus

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It’s that time of the year when the City of Harrisonburg welcomes back over 20,000 young people attending college, many of them for the first time.

As part of their efforts to welcome the James Madison University returning students and incoming freshmen, the Harrisonburg Police Department will engage in a multi-jurisdictional Student Safety Campaign with JMU Police Department and the JMU Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices on Thursday.

The campaign will be directed towards heavily populated neighborhoods that are predominately off-campus housing for students.

“We feel strongly that crime prevention efforts are enhanced by educating the community on how to reduce the potential of becoming a victim, as well as letting the students know what to expect from their police departments. By informing the community how the laws will be enforced will facilitate a safer environment for all,” explains HPD’s Community Resource Lieutenant Chris Monahan.

The coalition of public safety officers and James Madison University staff who will be involved in the safety campaign is designed to provide education and awareness of local ordinances, state laws and the general acceptance of respectful behaviors within our community.

“All of us are committed to delivering police services that are sensitive to the needs of our community through collaborative partnerships and teamwork, with the safety of the community—both students and Harrisonburg residents being a priority.” Monahan says.

Police officers and other representatives of the participating organizations will provide information to inform students what services they may expect from local law enforcement agencies and the university.

“As we visit neighborhoods and residences, we want people to speak with us, let us know their concerns, and feel free to ask any questions they might have.”

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