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Haresh Daswani: The true essence of male chivalry

Column by Haresh Daswani
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One of the saddest points in male chivalry is the dying ethics and ettiquette of a man’s behavior in the presence of women. The biggest conflict noticed is the excuse men have that women wanted to be treated as equals, and therefore many acts would be deemed outdated.

The very point of male chivalry was to never look at a woman as a weaker gender, as what others depicted male chivalry to be, but in fact, a better appreciation of women. The very core feature is for us to remember and appreciate women’s roles in our society. They go beyond career as they do take on activities with the community, and even beyond is their active role in child rearing.

It is important to remember that when it comes to molding future leaders the very foundation is established most deeply by mothers. Every aspect of initial child rearing, from pregnancy to birth carries many subliminal cores that requires a woman to be more vigilant in ensuring she will give birth to a healthy child. Going further, the infancy of a child is mostly spent with the mother, the child’s very first guru in understanding life. This core has been established as a mother’s love to her child is her driving motivation that could test all patience in child rearing. What is seen, and should be seen in all women is this very first core, and respect this very core, the sacrifice of motherhood in rearing a child of the society.

Other aspects should also be taken into account. Women are active in their careers, and have been very active in society. Another feature with a woman is the power of her nurturing capabilities. Nurturing gives women the ability to heal others psychologically. They share their emotion and absorb through compassion the burden of others. This is one of the lesser celebrated traits of a woman, something others have failed to recognize when it comes to what women have been able to do for others without asking anything in return.

Given these initial points, men have to rethink their reason for chivalry. During the course of everyday a man has to see and appreciate the depth of a woman and her contribution whenever he approaches them. He should give them the respect they deserve, just as a man respects and loves his own mother. Our actions, as men, should be a tribute, a way of saying thanks. The little actions, however small they are, is a good start for us to remind ourselves, and others, that their value in society is paramount and priceless.