Haresh Daswani | Students taking law into their own hands: When two nations do nothing

Indian students stabbed a man in self-defense after being abused and threatened. This is not how Indians react to situations, but after 11 Indians were brutally attacked in Australia, they have no choice.
The 11 Indians who were racially attacked received no response from the Indian government, which was a big disappointment given the severity of the situation. The United States, or other major countries, for that fact, would not have tolerated the act and would have taken some strong action against the situation. 

The biggest issue is that there is no assurance for these students that they will be safe. There is no thorough investigation conducted by the Australians, and the Indian government has not done anything to assure Indians in Australia of their own safety.

Without India conducting their own investigation and advising students and others on how to remain safe, India thus kept distance on such a serious situation.

Australia, without doing anything about the situation, has thus volunteered that it harbors and tolerates racial attacks. This offence is not tolerable, especially for a first world country.

India should demand action in protecting its citizens in Australia. While this may be a tight balancing act due to the economic partnership, but human life comes paramount and should be considered accordingly.

The world should also push forth that it will not tolerate racism as well. People everywhere should be made aware of racists and they should be put in place accordingly.

No unity can come from barriers, and barriers have to be removed if we want to progress.


– Column by Haresh Daswani

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