harbor counseling opens in waynesboro
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Harbor Counseling opens in Waynesboro

School’s out for Russ Ingersoll. After over 30 years as a high school counselor, Ingersoll has opened a private counseling practice, Harbor Counseling Services in Downtown Waynesboro.

The practice is focused on college, career, and personal development counseling. “Especially in today’s economy, college cannot be a time to extend adolescence without a serious purpose and desire to develop marketable skills,” Ingersoll said. “Too many students embark mindlessly on that journey and quickly lose their way.”

In all three counseling areas, the emphasis is on client empowerment—to deal with the issue at hand—whether selecting a college, choosing a career, or making a personal decision.

During a typical high school day, there is not a great deal of time that can be devoted to providing each individual student with an in-depth assessment of interests, abilities, personality, and goals.  “I offer that time and the expertise of over 30 years working with the college admissions process.” Ingersoll said, adding, “I have established working relationships with many college admissions representatives and I have visited almost every college in Virginia as well as a number of out-of-state colleges. Additionally, I have the privilege of knowing most of the area high school counselors. At all times, my mission is focused on having the student take full ownership of the college search and application processes.”

Ingersoll works in partnership with the student, parents, and school counselors.  Choosing colleges where the students will find not only acceptance, but where they will thrive and emerge as accomplished individuals is the ultimate goal of college counseling.

Having a full understanding and appreciation of the financial considerations in selecting a college is another emphasis of the practice. Ingersoll ensures that students and their parents understand where to search and apply for scholarships and financial aid.

However, not all students go to college—nor should they, according to Ingersoll. “But”, he adds, “all students should find ways to develop marketable skills whether on the job or in a technical education program.” This is where a thorough individual assessment can be very helpful.  Again, the theme is the individual taking full responsibility for his or her own life and charting a course that will provide satisfaction and success.

The third component of the practice is with individuals who may be faced with a dilemma regarding a personal issue.  This individual may find it helpful to talk with a counselor who is able to listen and provide feedback without the built-in judgments and close emotional investments of family members and friends. In this area, Ingersoll sees his job as assisting the individual to tap into his or her inner resources to successfully handle life’s challenges.

Students, parents and school counselors can learn more about Harbor Counseling Services, LLC through its website www.harborcounselingservices.com, or via Facebook.


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