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Hands Off Our Social Security presentation

Two weeks after the Super Committee failed to come to a decision on deficit reduction, Virginia Organizing and the Augusta Coalition for Peace and Justice are giving an interactive presentation on Tuesday, Dec. 6, to set the record straight on Social Security.

During the past year of deficit reduction talks, Social Security has been on and off the chopping block, prompting criticism because the program does not contribute a penny to the deficit.

The presentation will give Staunton residents of all ages an opportunity to learn about the current state of Social Security and to take action to protect it for future generations.

Who: Virginia Organizing Augusta/Staunton/Waynesboro Chapter and the Augusta Coalition for Peace and Justice

What: Hands Off Our Social Security Presentation

When: Tuesday, Dec. 6, 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Where: Staunton Public Library, 1 Churchville Ave, Staunton

Background: The presentation will debunk myths about Social Security. The largest myth is that the Social Security program is broken or a Ponzi scheme.  The Social Security crisis is largely a myth trumped up by opportunistic politicians. The program will actually be able to pay out scheduled benefits for the next century with minor reforms. By “Scrapping the Cap” on how much wealthy individuals contribute to Social Security, Congress could ensure that the program is strong and viable well into the future. The presentation will also outline how Social Security is funded and that it does not contribute a penny to the deficit and should not be cut as part of a deficit reduction plan.

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