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Hands free shoes: The best aid for senior citizens

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In this technologically advanced era, all areas of the industry are experiencing plenty of changes, so is the footwear market. Consumers can now wear comfortable shoes, and they can wear them hands-free. The Hands Free Shoes were introduced by a well-known shoe brand, which is designed with proprietary technology. When it comes to wearing the shoe, you do not have to bend over like you normally do. The shoe is ideal for senior citizens and individuals with disabilities who have problems in bending.

Things to know about the hands-free shoes

The concept for developing these shoes is unique. It is created with a collapsible heel technology, which is made from stainless steel. It will enable you to slide your foot into the shoe with no issues. The heels will fold down to provide the access and then return to their actual position. All you need to do is tie-up the laces just once for a personalized fit. Quite naturally, these shoes are the footwear for people with back aches, chronic arthritis, and Parkinson’s disease.

The technology used for creating hands-free shoes is currently patented in Europe and China. The shoe comes in many colors and is available for both men and women. They carry a captivating and unique design that will match perfectly with the clothes you wear.

The features of the hands-free shoes

The hands-free shoes are specifically designed to provide comfort to elderly people. The shoes are frictionless, and you can wear them almost for every occasion, event, or whenever you go out. The lace-up style of the shoe is replaced with slip-on technology so that you can wear them without putting too much effort. Another feature of the shoe is that it has Velcro adjustments on both sides of the shoe tongue. Once you loosen them up, you will get a comfortable wearing experience. Senior citizens can comfortably walk in these shoes as they are ideal for all types of terrains.

How to choose the right hands-free shoe?

Although there are many shoe brands out there introducing the new hands-free shoe, all of them are not the same because they do not have the same build and materials. For such reasons, you need to do plenty of research before you settle for the right kind of hands-free shoes.

If you want the shoes for an elderly person you have to make sure that the shoes are pretty comfortable to wear. You also need to make sure that they do not carry any sharp edges, which might irritate the wearer while walking. Take a look at the type of sizes available as well. Do not forget to purchase the hands-free shoe from a website that is well-known, trusted, and carry positive reviews.

Comfort at its best

Hands-free shoes are highly advanced footwear for the 21st century. It comes with many unique features, designs, and hues. The best thing about these shoes is that you will get them at an affordable price range. Now, there is no need to tie up your shoes while bending over when you can easily slide your foot in them.

Story by Shan Mian

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