Half-Truths and No-Truths

Saxman reading Drudge
It’s in a video produced by the Capital News Service at Virginia Commonwealth University showing state legislators from both sides of the aisle goofing off on the Internet during the 2009 General Assembly session.
See the video for yourself below.

Best part to this – the GOP sycophants on the Leader blog trying to defend Saxman by pointing to the links on Drudge to the New York Times and Washington Post. And then attacking the Leader for even running the story, which only mentioned Saxman in passing.

Kill the messenger, sure. The reason for the pushback is that if it gets out that Chris is a Drudge reader, then maybe, just maybe, the moderate Republican image that he has carefully cultivated for himself might find a splatter of bright-red paint or two.

Point of fact – Chris also reads the AFP, at least when it comes to stories on Chris Saxman. I know because he sometimes e-mails me to offer background on issues of the day or engage in friendly debate. The hard-right folks might not like to hear that. Because maybe it means Chris is a RINO.

Funny how our politics is these days, huh?


A letter to the editor you can’t believe in

At least Delphine Wilkinson doesn’t Hussein Obama in her latest letter to the editor of the News Virginian “Change we can’t believe in,” I guess.

“I keep hearing how brilliant President Barack Obama is. When he graduated from Harvard, he must have been at the bottom of his class,” Wilkinson wrote in her insightful letter, dated April 10 on the NV website, confusing the Harvard Law Review editor with his daddy-got-me-into-Yale predecessor.

It didn’t get any better from there. Wilkinson was upset that the Obama administration floated a proposal to charge HMOs for expenses related to the treatment of combat injuries for American service members and veterans. A lot of other folks were, too, and guess what? The administration pulled back the propsal. Amazing, isn’t it, that we have an administration that can be made to recognize when something it wants to do is stupid and pull back from it? Where would our country be right now if Dub-Ya’s team had operated under that same rationale?

The claim from Wilkinson about Obama sending “scores of people” to investigate Sarah Palin is beyond over the top. Newspapers can’t wonder why their credibility is bubkus when they hide behind the “well, it’s a letter to the editor” defense for printing this near-libel.

Thanks, Delphine, for reminding us why we worked so hard back during the summer and fall last year.


– Story by Chris Graham

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