Growth coming faster than projected at Cadence

Growing business at the Staunton-based Cadence Inc. is dictating an expected need to hire more than 50 additional employees by the end of 2012.

That’s an additional 40 new jobs above the original 65 new positions announced by Cadence in 2011. Cadence has also invested $8 million in equipment and $3 million in facilities towards the $15.9 million that Gov. Bob McDonnell announced Cadence would be investing to expand its operation in the City of Staunton.

Cadence began in 1985 as Specialty Blades to address the needs of industries, original surgical manufacturers, and medical design engineers who required high performance, razor sharp custom-made cutting blades. Cadence has emerged as a premier manufacturing company focused on new medical technologies, such as minimally invasive devices.

Headquartered in the Green Hills Industry and Technology Center in Staunton, Cadence now has more than 300 employees (190 in Virginia, 116 in Rhode Island).  Proprietary “sharps” and tube fabrication technologies enable Cadence to supply the most critical components and sub-assemblies for medical devices, scientific, and industrial applications.

“It is tremendous that a company that has thrived in Staunton for more than 25 years continues to excel at a rapid pace,” said McDonnell. “With two years left to meet the measures outlined in the performance agreement, Cadence has already hired nearly all of the committed positions and made a significant investment. The company’s path of success continues, and both Virginia and Staunton are proud of their long-term partnership with Cadence.”

“Our impressive job creation story is really a story about great employees doing amazing things that open the door for more employees to join our team,” said Peter Harris, Cadence, Inc. CEO. “So as Virginians and Americans, we should all thank the hard work of many individual Cadence employees for their success in creating jobs during this period of economic challenge for the country.”

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