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Grow your business with link building in 2020

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Are you overwhelmed by reading around or listening to such highly technical words like link building since you launched a website? Does this search engine optimization thing is getting in your head, making you think you are highly unprofessional and unprepared to start up a digital business as powerful as yours?

All you need to know right now is to cut yourself some slack, as you are a newbie to the field, and this is all the feeling of the beginning of something big that is giving you cold feet.

So, hold back and read this piece carefully as it tends to clear up all the doubts that might have clouded up your technical concepts. This piece of information would help you identify which part of the project is yours to handle and which is far too technical for a professional approach, but until you are new, you could manage all on your own.

All it takes is a little attention to details and smart execution of the steps you will see further in this guide.

Before we begin to explain how you could expand your small start-up idea to big multi-channelling business, you ought to comprehend how crucial is the presence of link building to your digital marketing.

How Link Building Entails Better Business Strategies?

Now you must have heard about SEO as in Search Engine Optimisation. Likewise, you must also know that link building is the very edifice of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

To create content that shows up on clicks and home pages of search engines, you ought to earn up authoritative links from esteemed websites that would help you brand up your business and increase traffic to a greater extent.

And the most esteemed search engine of the century, Google has confirmed that one of the three crucial criteria for shortlisting websites on search engines remains the link building.

Therefore, it’s fundamental and critical to both the users and the providers. To strengthen up your precious business, all you need to do is build links and follow the steps that are mentioned below:

Reference to Context Is the Key

Now, this might come as a shock to you, but after the update of a specific algorithm called the Google Hummingbird Algorithm, the chase of crawlers has been cut to the links you build up and content you wrote.

The focus has been shifting from the specific keywords to the entire content and how relevant and valuable it might be to the end-users.

This algorithm update is:

  • Highly centered around comprehending the context of the user search rather than just picking up several keywords and displaying all the websites that happen to contain that very word.
  • To ensure that users have only relevant websites delivered to them at the search window without any loiter around to irrelevant information that just contains common keywords, thereby saving them a lot of time and effort in finding the perfect website for their queries.

This means that the area of SEO has been revolutionized — links now should not only be keyword specific but also be convincing enough for the audience to consider them an influential search result.

Otherwise, your website could simply crash or go down. Now, the link building has epicenter the end-users entirely rather than the information providers to improve the user interface.

Get Conventional With Infographics

Don’t puzzle over this, infographics are still crisp and in vogue, but only in the marketing industry, this was a must-add statement. So, they play a vital and significant role in link building and providing insights.

This can be clearly depicted in the following aspects:

  • Through various infographics like graphs and charts, you could get your daily dose of visits and clicks on the website, discerning how much you are progressing or regressing over time.
  • And the best thing about the involvement of Infographics remains that you increase on traffics and quality,
  • Infographics are a promising growth source with around a promise of 5% in the backlinks produced in your content.

The involvement of infographics on posts tends to create visual attractions, which is again a win-win scenario for a digital marketing company to follow.

Promote Through Social Media

Social media has a long list of boons and banes, but when it comes to digital marketing and broadcasting, it is undoubtedly the greatest boon you could have asked for.

Social media reposts of your blogs or social media links of your website could generate the best promotion package and act like the much needed Midas touch to your online brand.

When you are active on a social media platform:

  • You are generating yourself a set of audiences who would have never found you.
  • The best way to enrich your business is to socially boost it up for it to reach a wider audience and other fellow companies.
  • The more clicks, the more traffic and, in turn, substantial revenue is what pays off.

Affirm the Broken Link Strategy

Yet another word to add to the technical marketing glossary — broken links!

Worry not, it’s a simple word that translates to a link that is no longer in function.

Now you would ponder on this very statement, no longer functions? Then, how am I supposed to make use of it?

Well, hallelujah! — somebody’s broken links could be your chance to show up.

Now, think a website needs to link itself to a page to increase its traffic, the site would search on the links, and if the links appear to be broken, it will request the server to replace it with the one in the functioning, and that could be your chance to come in the link picture.

But assure yourselves that if you contain broken links, then similar ways you could get out of the picture too. Therefore, ensure that your links are not broken.

So, this was our detailed guide to nail the link building process in 2020. Let us know in the comments if there’s something you’d like to add to this list. We’re always listening!

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