Great gifts that will make you your family’s favorite

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If you like your family, you have to get them gifts for all major holidays and their birthdays. If you don’t like your family all that much, you will probably still have to get them something at Christmas just to keep the peace.

But if you want to beat out your siblings to become mom and dad’s favorite (who doesn’t), then you need to get your family not just okay gifts, but great ones.

Where do you begin? Well, you came to the right place. These gifts are a sure way to become your family’s favorite, even if they won’t admit it out loud.

The best new gaming system for your little brother or sister

If you have a younger sibling or cousin, you’ve seen them enjoy a videogame or two. Or maybe you’ve just seen them get mind-blowingly bored and start to search for trouble to get into to stave off that boredom.

Get them something new, techy, and fun to distract them. The best of these fun new technologies is the Nintendo Switch.

At this point, there’s pretty much no way that you haven’t heard of this versatile gaming system with cutting-edge technology. The switch allows them the freedom of playing it as a handheld device (remember the good old Gameboy days?) or connecting it to a dock that displays their game on the TV screen.

All of the most fantastic new games are available exclusively on this unique device, so it’s an essential tool to own if your sibling is a huge gamer. Heck, with all of the different types of games available that are formatted for this device, even the most joystick-challenged among us will find something fun to play on this system.

When you get your sibling the Switch, you’re giving yourself the gift, also. It provides an excellent opportunity for some solid bonding time with your little sibling so that you can kick their butt in Smash Bros or Pokemon if that’s more your style.

No matter how old your sibling is, they’ll love it. You may even end up buying one for yourself, too.

A dog bed for your parents’ best friend

Many of us either grew up with a beloved furry best friend in our household or had parents adopt one once we moved out of the house to keep the nest from being empty. So whether your parents got a brand new puppy or have the same family pet you grew up with, their dog is their best friend. And when you think about it for a while, a dog is going to need a place to sleep.

Why not show your parents that you love their best friend just as much as they do with a unique, fun dog bean bag bed? They come in all sorts of different colors and styles, perfectly suited for your parents’ favorite pup. Or step the game up further and get them a few different ones for each room or one for each dog if they have multiple.

This is an excellent way to show your parents that you love what they love. It’s different, sweet, and they’re genuinelyoing to appreciate it and you for giving it to them. We are here to become the favorite after all, right?

A nice bottle of wine for your favorite aunt

We all have that one aunt that fancies herself a bit of a sommelier. She can be seen at every family function with a glass that’s at least half full and sometimes a whole bottle if you’re paying attention.

Though many of our beloved wine aunts already have their favorite go-to bottle, it’s always a good idea to introduce them to new things.

Start with her favorite bottle, one that you know she loves. Is it a pinot grigio? Is it a rosé? Or is she more into a nice merlot?

Once you know that, you can begin to search for similar wines. This way, you can be pretty sure that she’ll like it.

If you want to be her favorite niece or nephew, you can go the extra mile by signing her up for a wine delivery service. Some offer year-long subscriptions and will deliver her a few bottles to try out each month. Or, you can order a one-time shipment of an entire case of wine.

Whether you get her a single bottle or a whole year’s supply, your wine-loving aunt will make you her favorite with this thoughtful gift.

A dozen cookies for the cousin that’s away at college

If you’re one of the lucky ones who grew up close to your cousins, this one is perfect for you.

At some point, our beloved family members will move on to bigger and better things. For many of them, this means going away to college.

Anyone who has moved out for college will tell you that the beginning is always a bit rough. You’re in a new place as a new adult, often living on your own for the very first time. There is a long list of worries and stresses that you have never had to think about before, and it becomes overwhelming quickly.

Help make that transition easier on your favorite cousin by sending them a thoughtful box of cookies. You can mix and match, choose their favorites, and even send over a few dozen cookies so that they have a healthy supply of them.

This is a small gesture that can go a long way. It will help them Unfortunately, forknow that they haven’t been forgotten about back home and can make them feel closer to you and your family.

Plus, they’re cookies, so they’re delicious. Need we say more?

A fancy gift basket for your fancy in-laws

Whether we love them or not so much, our in-laws are a part of our daily, too. And they’re some people that you want to have on your side.

If you don’t have a very close relationship with your in-laws but need to send them something for a holiday or just to let them know you think o them, sending them a gift basket from Harry & David is the way to their heart.

They offer a wide variety of different options, from charcuterie to organic fruits to chocolates and sweets. You can mix and match, get them something over-the-top and extravagant, or keep it simple with a classic fruit and cheese basket.

You’re sure to find at least a few different options that your in-laws will appreciate, and if not, hey, at least you tried.

Being the best gift giver in the family will make you the easy favorite

We all love receiving gifts, but we all hate receiving a gift that we don’t like but have to pretend to like. So avoid placing that awkwardness and discomfort on someone you love by getting them one of these fantastic gifts for the next major holiday or birthday that you celebrate together.

These are sure to let your loved ones know that you truly care about them and think of them and they will definitely make you the whole family’s favorite.

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