Grand Comfort: The rise to their success and game changer in the plumbing industry

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Many ambitious entrepreneurs have tried to reach a great amount of success that they can be proud of. However, behind every door of opportunity comes a lot of hard work, resilience and courage. Technician Rafael and Marketing expert Max decided to take on this challenge, which has now become a huge franchise company called Grand Comfort.

It took 3 years for the company to grow into what it has become today, with a $10 million revenue, a fleet of 11 trucks and over 20 employees. Grand Comfort has become a game changer in the plumbing industry, since the two entrepreneurs decided to cleverly think out of the box with a whole different approach and attitude. It is now one of the fast growing companies in the country and continues to grow popular. One of their biggest drawing cards is that they only earn money when franchisees make actual sales.

What’s the motive behind Grand Comfort?

Grand comfort continues to have an aim to be different and stand out from the old fashioned plumbing ways. The company is built on the motive to create a franchise for plumbers, without any investors involved. The company only collects profit if the franchise plumbers make money; it is a fair and organised cash flow that Grand Comfort stands by.

It is set up to create a smooth cash flow with a dedicated and healthy structure of support, which helps drive growth for plumbers. It solely focuses on plumbers who want to become self employed and business owners, but are apprehensive to start out on their own. Grand Comfort really gives comfort and support to aspiring plumbers that need a little guidance, by starting out through the franchise.

The game changing business

Grand Comfort is a fast moving tech company that provides on demand services that are known to be beyond satisfactory and reliable. The company offers their services at a fair and reasonable price, which is another reason for their winning popularity.  The company offers high quality results and doesn’t just accept any job; but jobs that they can showcase their expertise in.

The franchisees are given SEO-optimized websites, as well as local ad buys that can provide 3-7 bookings daily. Not only that, but with the Profit Book that is designed for profitability, helps get good quality jobs that clients ask to be done and at a good value. Grand Comfort offers an equal opportunity to all plumbers that want to be part of the franchise. The company has made sure to set out an environment that makes both franchisees and clients feel happy and satisfied.

The success

Thanks to the unique franchise model that the entrepreneurs created, the company has had a huge turnover and profit from a healthy cash flow. Franchisees now earn 3 times more net income under Grand Comfort, which is another reason as to why they stand out from companies who have older and close minded values. Grand Comfort also provides full support to franchisees when it comes to advertising, business management, hiring and managing team of 8 office remote employees, as well as business operations for franchise owners. The franchise owners have only one main goal and responsibility which is to sell.

Grand Comfort also focuses on plumbers who are undervalued by their bosses, with the evidence of only earning anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000 who have the potential to start up their own business through the franchise and earn more. That is why Grand Comfort offers a low cost solution and the opportunity for franchisees to see their net income become triple the amount that they usually earn within the first year.

Franchisees can start up their business with just $8,800 and end up earning way more once they follow the business model that Grand Comfort has set up for them. Grand Comfort guides ambitious plumbers through steps and instructions that can help them develop their skills and achieve the sales needed for a healthy profit. The total outcome for franchisees is to make appointments and generate sales, which may sound too good to be true, but has actually proven to be successful.

It is with Grand Comfort’s honesty, integrity, organised structure and delivered promises that it has gained success from receiving jobs from clients in need and forward thinking plumbers as franchisees.

Story by Virginia Sagal

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