Graham Kramer’s 5 social media rules to boost your sales

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Technology and social media have reshaped marketing for good. Nowadays, you don’t have to rely on towering billboards or wait for a 20-second slot on a TV channel to promote your brand. With social media becoming the center of attraction for businesses, it is high time you shift your attention from traditional marketing techniques to digital marketing, especially social media marketing.

Graham Kramer, a renowned brand strategist and a stalwart in the advertising and marketing industry, believes that many companies still don’t utilize social media websites to improve their brand’s recognition. He suggests five tips that will not only improve your brand’s visibility but also drive more sales.

  1. Don’t use different images for different social media profiles

Make sure you use the same profile handle for all social media accounts. If you want people to identify your brand, don’t confuse them with multiple pictures. Graham points out that your audience needs to be accustomed to remembering your company’s username and social media handle.

  1. Post reviews of real people

There are tons of companies that buy reviews. Although they may seem realistic, you can notice from certain keywords that appear on almost every other feedback. Graham Kramer urges you not to follow that example. There is no better way to impress your target audience than posting testimonials of real people. Request your buyers to post their reviews on different social media websites and tag your brand or company name. This simple initiative can go a long way toward attracting new customers.

  1. Be specific about the social media platforms you target

Graham Kramer often scales his clients’ social media profiles to identify which website provides more responses. He thinks that you shouldn’t waste time on sites that don’t attract a lot of targeted visitors. Identifying your active target audience is essential if you want to boost your sales through social media. If you have a number of active followers on Facebook and Instagram than Twitter and YouTube, then investing more time in the first two platforms could prove more productive for your brand.

  1. Redirect your social media profile to your company website

You need to make the entire process of shifting from social media pages to the company website easier for your audiences. If you are talking about your company’s bio on its social media page, don’t forget to post your company’s website. Graham recommends you should also post links of some of the best-selling products of your company to entice people to visit the site at least once.

  1. Try to follow your audience’s response

Merely saying that the viewers should like, comment, and subscribe isn’t enough anymore. You need to speak the language of your audience to show that you know how they think and behave. For example, use popular emojis, acronyms, and keywords.

Graham Kramer owns a marketing company called Artemis Venture Capital, along with his partner, David Mendelsohn. He has years of experience in digital marketing. If you want to see a massive boost in your sales volume in the next few months, then following these tips should serve as a helpful guide.

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