Governor McAuliffe announces Homeland Security grant awards

virginia-newGovernor Terry McAuliffe announced Friday that more than $4.8 million in federal funds will be awarded to multiple local government agencies to enhance emergency preparedness throughout Virginia. The funds, administered by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, are from the fiscal year 2014 State Homeland Security Grant program.

“These critical funds, provided by our partners at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, will be used immediately to help emergency planners and first responder agencies throughout Virginia get tools, equipment and other resources they need to keep Virginia communities safe,” said Governor McAuliffe.  “With this grant, Virginia joins federal and local governments in working together proactively to ensure that our residents are better protected and able to recover more quickly from possible terrorist attacks, major disasters and other emergencies.”

To allot the funds, the Office of the Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security invited project proposals from local government agencies to be submitted in ten categories of special emphasis and priority for Virginia. A total of 187 project proposals valued at more than $23 million were received in these categories:

  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE)
  • Communications
  • Community Preparedness
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Training and exercises in Incident Command System (ICS), National Incident Management System (NIMS)
  • Information Sharing (Fusion Centers)
  • Law Enforcement
  • Mass Care
  • Planning
  • Public Messaging & Crisis Communication

The submitted projects were evaluated and scored against five criteria by approximately 50 peer reviewers.  These individuals from across the state represented multiple professional groups, state agencies and local government officials with emergency expertise.  Peer reviewers evaluated projects that were outside of their own region.  Among the scoring criteria were the necessity of the project, how the project addresses risk, project management and the sustainment of the investment.

A total of 79 projects valued at $4.8 million met the criteria and will receive funding as shown below:

LocalityProposal TitleAllocation Amount
Albemarle CountyLaw Enforcement Equipment$                  6,745.00
Albemarle CountyLaw Enforcement Personal Protective Equipment$                42,910.00
Alexandria CityHazmat Team Equipment$                79,600.00
Arlington CountyWhole Community Outreach and Citizen Corps Program$                36,100.00
Augusta CountyHazMat Equipment and Training$                54,393.00
Buckingham CountyHazMat Response Vehicle$                38,000.00
Buckingham CountyLaw Enforcement Equipment$              151,171.00
Chesapeake CityHazMat Paramedic Training Program Sustainment$                17,500.00
Chesapeake CityHampton Roads Incident Management Team (HRIMT)$                99,000.00
Chesapeake CityMobile Emergency Water Supply System$              100,000.00
Chesapeake CityVirginia Communications Cache Sustainment$              139,900.00
Chesterfield CountyRail Hazard and Flammable Liquid Response Equipment$              100,000.00
Chesterfield CountyVirginia Search and Technical Rescue/USAR Communications and Interoperability Project$                98,000.00
Chesterfield CountyVirginia Search and Technical Rescue Program Support$              147,000.00
Craig CountyEOC Upgrade$                40,000.00
Danville CityHazMat Equipment$                30,187.00
Fairfax CountyStructural Collapse Team Equipment$                68,000.00
Fairfax CountyVirginia Communications Cache$              176,000.00
Fairfax CountyHazardous Materials Response Team Equipment$              150,000.00
Floyd CountyCitizen Alerting System$                32,200.00
Galax CityCERT Equipment and Training$                  6,500.00
Gloucester CountyCommunity Preparedness- Evacuation Preparedness Targeting Multi-Cultural $                45,000.00
Gloucester CountyCommunity Preparedness- Regional Shelter Planning, Training and Exercises$              100,000.00
Greene CountyCERT Equipment, Training, and Exercises$                  9,000.00
Halifax CountyCERT Equipment and Training$                  6,682.00
Hampton CityCitizen Corps Program $                35,000.00
Hampton CityDisaster Outreach Targeting Tourist Population$                27,000.00
Hampton CityRegional Shelter Planning, Training, Exercise and Equipment$                53,952.00
Hampton Roads Planning District CommissionHampton Roads Metropolitan Medical Strike Team Personal Protective Equipment Replacement $              133,219.92
Hanover CountyPersonnel Protective Gear Replacement/Upgrade$                18,100.00
Hanover CountyThermal Imaging Device Replacement/Upgrade$                30,000.00
Harrisonburg CityHazMat Team Equipment and Training$                52,000.00
Henrico CountyHazmat Team Equipment$                18,000.00
Henrico CountyCommunity Outreach, Mass Care, and Preparedness Efforts$                26,500.00
Henrico CountyRegional Swiftwater and Flood Waters Training$                30,000.00
Hopewell CityHazmat Team Equipment$                27,000.00
Hopewell CityShelter Supplies and Equipment$                97,000.00
James City CountyCitizen Preparedness $                11,370.00
James City CountyEmergency Planning $                59,900.00
Lancaster CountyCitizen Corps Program$                40,500.00
Lancaster County Law Enforcement- Data Sharing Project (LInX) $              102,640.00
Lynchburg CityCBRNE Equipment$                52,542.00
Manassas CityCitizen Corps Program$                17,500.00
Middle Peninsula Planning DistrictProgram Management- Regional Emergency Planning $              110,000.00
Middlesex County, VACERT Equipment, Training, and Exercises$                  7,230.00
New Kent CountyThreat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA)$                12,500.00
New Kent CountyEvacuation Incident Mini Emergency Response Vehicles (MERV) $                40,000.00
Newport News CityLaw Enforcement- Mass Casualty Incident Training and Exercise$                  7,555.00
Newport News CityCitizen Preparedness $                32,228.49
Newport News CityMass Care Shelter Equipment and Training$                42,789.50
Newport News CityHazmat Team Equipment$                60,600.00
Norfolk CityCERT Equipment, Training, and Exercises$                40,420.00
Norfolk CityHazmat Team Equipment, Training, and Exercises$                35,000.00
Northampton CountyInteroperable Communications Enhancement$              105,000.00
Page CountyCERT Equipment, Training, and Exercises$                  5,750.00
Petersburg CityCitizen Corps Program$                  7,420.00
Poquoson CityCERT Equipment, Training, and Exercises$                30,000.00
Portsmouth CityLaw Enforcement- Surveillance System Expansion $                18,850.00
Portsmouth CityHazmat Team Equipment, Training, and Exercises$                27,555.00
Richmond CityCitizen Corps Program$                22,000.00
Richmond CityCitizen and Business Preparedness Training$                60,000.00
Richmond Regional Planning District CommissionRegional Emergency Management Planning Support$              102,800.00
Roanoke CityHTR/SWR Equipment$                84,635.00
Roanoke CityLaw Enforcement – Tactical Response Team Personal Protective Equipment$                72,000.00
Rockingham CountyHazmat Team Equipment, Training, and Exercises$                39,660.00
Salem CityHazmat Team Equipment, Training, and Exercises$                62,000.00
Tazewell CountyCERT Equipment and Training$                96,400.00
Virginia Beach CityHeavy Tactical Rescue Team Equipment and Training $                65,547.00
Virginia Beach CityHazmat Team Equipment – Railway Incident Response $              100,000.00
Westmoreland CountyLaw Enforcement – License Plate Reader Integration$                 35,050.00
Williamsburg CityCERT Equipment, Training and Exercises$                 39,539.00

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