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Gotta love this weather

Stop the Presses column by Chris Graham

Spring has sprung.


It’s a good thing, too.

I mean, I’m so glad to see that it’s warmed up so much, and all.


What in the Sam Hill happened to global warming?

Can I ask that question?

It’s been spring for going on a week now. We’ve had exactly one day in the 60s since then.

One friggin’ day.

We’ve had more winter-weather advisories since the vernal equinox than we did in the entire month of January.

Which leads to this aside rant – how can they call them winter-weather advisories when it’s spring?

Hello! If weather takes place between March 21 and June 21, it’s spring weather!

Yep, even if it’s snowing outside.

I mean, seriously – they didn’t issue a summer-weather advisory a few weeks back when the high temperature was 88 in the dead of winter.

They should have put out a winter-weather advisory then.

I could live with that kind of winter weather.

This spring weather that we’ve been seeing the past couple of weeks, though, I could live without.

I’m waiting for the day when I can take my dog for a walk in the morning sans gloves and parka.

And can have a cookout without having to stand over the fire to keep from freezing my bejeebies off.

I did that this past weekend, incidentally.

I guess I’m what you call the stubborn type.

“It’s spring, dadgummit. Time to fire up the grill.”

These were my fightin’ words.

It worked out as planned – for the most part.

I’m dealing with one of the more virulent colds that I’ve ever had right now.

(Coincidence, I think not.)

Personally, I’m blaming it all on the groundhog.

I think he saw a double-shadow – which means we’ve got, what, four more weeks of this to put up with before the weather finally turns?


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