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The final part of any written paper should sum up everything that was mentioned in the text. It should be a defiant and resembling verbal stroke. Think of a conclusion as a beautiful bow on a wrapped up present. It condenses everything and unveils your work as a polished whole. That is why it is very important to prettify the final part. In this article, you will find helpful tips on conclusion examples, that will make your writing perfect.

First of all, sketch ideas for your ending. Reflect on the question “So what?”. A good way to write a proper conclusion is to imagine that your reader posed it. Why does your writing matter? What can be mentioned in the conclusion to convince the reader to believe in the provided reflections and reasoning? Asking yourself the question “So what?” while writing can help you go deep in your points of view and thoughts.

Next, make a list of the main points of your paper. Understanding the main ideas of your written work you can better sense what you should include in the final part. You should not try to squeeze each paragraph into the ending: simply display the most important statements. Understanding the general points of your paper can help you avoid the appearance of fresh ideas in the conclusion.

After that, review the topics that you described in the first paragraph. Going back to where you started can help you finish your writing properly. Think about whether you can develop the topic a little when you return to it at the end.

For example, if you started the paper with the idea of how little humanity is compared to the vast expanses of space, you can come back to this idea in the end. Furthermore, in your conclusion, you can expand this thought with the supposition that with the growth of human knowledge, space is becoming smaller.

Besides that, consider whether you can relate the idea to a different context. One of the many effective ways to conclude a writing is to increase the relevance of the topic under discussion to a wider context. It can help the readers understand how they can apply your ideas to another topic, and this will give your paper more significance and focus.

For example, you can expand your essay “Orange Is the New Black” and relate to the prison culture as a whole.

If you still lack ideas on how to write a good ending for a raised topic, try studying other conclusion examples on that subject. Surf the Web and look through essays, research papers, compositions, and maybe even poems. Looking at the topic from different angles can help you better understand it and formulate your own conclusions.

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