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God is focus of debate at BC

Item by Chris Graham

Bridgewater College will serve as the host for a debate on the topic of “Does God Exist?” on Sept. 26.
Douglas Geivett, professor of philosophy of religion and ethics at Biola University, and Michael Shermer, a columnist for Scientific American, will serve as the debaters.
Geivett is the author of Evil and the Evidence for God and co-editor of Contemporary Perspectives on Religious Epistemology and In Defense of Miracles: A Comprehensive Case for God’s Action in History.
Shermer is the founding publisher of Skeptic magazine, the director of the Skeptics Society, the host of the Skeptics Distinguished Science Lecture Series at the California Institute of Technology and the co-host and producer of the 13-hour Family Channel television series, “Exploring the Unknown.”
The debate will be held in Cole Hall and will begin at 7:30 p.m.