Gift ideas for music festival lovers

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Gifts are meant to be personal. So if you want to get something special for someone you care about, an avid music festival lover, where do you even begin?

Especially considering that they have likely been severely deprived of experiencing the one thing they love the most over the last two years—music festivals.

Luckily, music festivals are starting to come back now after taking a massive hiatus, so gifts that are selected specifically for their return to music festivals are perfect.

So to help you nail this gift and get them something they will be dancing to for years to come, we’ve put together the ultimate guide of gift ideas for music festival lovers.

The perfect rave outfit

One of the best parts about going to a music festival is getting to wear those epic rave outfits that are only suitable for music festivals. The perfect company will let them showcase their personality, be quality fabric so they can dance and not feel super sweaty and be colorful enough to help them capture that perfect Instagram shot. Expression at musical festivals is something every attendee cherishes, so giving the gift of a rave outfit is one of the most stylish ways to let them know you care. And if you don’t know what to get them, consider giving them a gift card to a store specializing in rave outfits.

A portable speaker

If you want a gift for a music festival lover that will get them through the times between actual festivals, look no further than a quality portable speaker. This will allow them to keep re-playing their favorite beats even when they aren’t on the festival grounds and can dance the night away every single day. The best portable speakers will be waterproof and have a long-lasting battery so they can keep their music blasting anytime, anywhere.

Unique new ways to listen

Suppose your gift recipient is someone who values music festivals for the experience to listen to in live time and the enhanced quality of the tunes. In that case, you should consider gifting them a collection of vinyl records. Not only is it one of the trendiest gifts to give, but it offers them a brilliant listening experience in their own home. In addition, they, will appreciate the high-quality sound that vinyl records can produce and likely be surprised at how many current mainstream artists they see at festivals have their vinyl record albums out now.

A top-notch hydration pack

If your gift recipient loves music festivals, they likely also love to dance. And those that love to dance tend to need extra hydration to keep them going. But the worst part about music festivals is the number of plastic water bottles left on the festival grounds after the event. So why not gift them the quality sustainable hydration pack that helps them reduce waste while keeping their hydration up? You can get them a stylish bottle that is convenient and fun, with vibrant designs to ensure they keep their fluids up during the day. Plus, the best sustainable hydration packs come with waterdrops that add flavor and extra energy into the water, so your gift recipient can dance the night away at their next music festival.

Comfortable shoes

Not only will music festival lovers need a great outfit, but they will also need functional shoes that provide them with both comfort and style. A range of festival shoes light up, are durable, and come in every vibrant color out there. Your gift recipient will love being able to dance to their little light show if you get them the ones that do light up with LEDs—and prove that you’re never too old for light-up shoes!

A portable power bank

One of the worst-case scenarios for the festival is that their phone goes dead mid-festival. This can cause quite a bit of stress with trying to find the group they attended the festival with, limit their ability to record their favorite sets, and of course, take those Instagram shots that prove they even went to the festival. Getting a portable power bank gift is one of the most practical gifts to give your music festival lover, as it will get them out of a range of sticky predicaments they could find themselves in with a dead phone. They will appreciate you and your thoughtfulness when they can revive their phone at the next music festival.

High-quality ear plugs

If your music festival lover enjoys the scene but has sensitive ears, then getting them high-quality earplugs is a great gift. It may sound silly, but it will completely change how they can experience the festival for the better and protect their hearing in their later years in life. This is one of the more affordable gifts you can get your music festival lover, but a gift that protects their hearing both in the moment and long term. That way, they can continue to enjoy the sounds of music festivals for decades to come!

An instant camera

While taking snaps on your smartphone is still cool, one of the best types of memories from music festivals is from polaroid cameras. It is a great gift to give and will enable your music festival lover to capture all the special moments they want and be able to relive them in a unique and trendy way. The portable instant cameras will fit into their festival pack, not take up too much space and be their best companion for years to come. It is the gift of memories, and they will love you for it.

A ticket to join them

If you want to really wow your music festival friend, then get them two tickets to the next music festival. They will love that you have committed to experiencing something that brings them so much joy and is the opportunity to create unforgettable memories with you. The best gifts in life are experiences had with others, and what could be more fun than dancing the weekend away to live music with thousands of other people? Even if music festivals are not your thing, this type of gift will likely be one that the two of you cherish for years to come.

When it comes to gift-giving, it is always to make it relevant and personal to the recipient. That is why it is so special to give someone who loves music festivals a gift that enhances their experience there. It shows that you not only understand them and respect their passions but that you also support them. The thoughtful gifts of everything from earplugs to a portable charger, hydration pack, instant camera, and Bluetooth speaker will only enhance their love of the festivals. And if you go all out and purchase two tickets to a music festival so you can go with them, you will likely become their new favorite person of all time. So what gift will you be choosing for that music festival lover?

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