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Gift ideas for guys that won’t wreck your budget

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We all get excited when our birthday is around the corner or when our anniversaries are coming up, as these special days add more happiness and bliss to our lives. But what makes those days so marvelous are the gifts you give and receive with your loved ones – gifts can brighten up your day in no time.

Shopping for men can be tough sometimes as they can be picky, but they don’t want you to spend a ton of money on them. You don’t have to break the bank to get a thoughtful an amazing gift! Inexpensive gifts for men can be just as awesome and meaningful as luxurious gifts, whether they are a single gift or an assortment of small items.

If you’re on a tight budget gift buying for the men in your life may seem even more difficult than normal. But fortunately, with the little elbow grease and creativity, you can whip up something together that will have them smiling for days.

It’s about time now that we bust the myth that only expensive gifts are the perfect gifts. If you have extra cash to spare, you can buy something more exclusive and lavish, but if you’re running low on a budget there is no need to worry – just get something that fits your budget, and then you can be more innovative about it. Here are some guy-oriented gift ideas that of affordable.

Shaving Gift Basket

Besides a full spa treatment, a close shave is the best thing that a man can do for his skin.  It is a soothing and satisfying experience that leaves him feeling confident about how he looks and himself, plus, it helps exfoliate the skin.

You can give him this experience with a shaving gift set. There are many available on the market and they usually come with shaving cream or foaming gel, razor, and a beard oil or aftershave balm. If he already has a set he likes, upgrade his kit with some nice extras like a pre-shave oil, after-shave balm, shaving cream, or a good shaving brush.

A Book

Never underestimate the power of sharing a good book with someone. Go for the hardback books whenever possible as they last for a long time, and are quite beautiful too. Take advantage of your city’s used bookstores, and once you find the perfect book, take a few minutes to write a thoughtful note inside the front cover.

The book that you choose to give should reflect the interest of the person who is receiving the gift. Find out if they are a sci-fi nerd or a sports lover and accordingly buy a book on the subject that they might be interested in. Or they might be deep thinkers and like books on philosophy, economics, and physics.

There is a book for everybody out there and you just have to know the person you are gift-giving to find a perfect book for them. Alternatively, you could share a book with them that is a favorite of yours so that they get to know you better. If your guy spends a lot of time behind the wheel, maybe what he needs is a book he can listen to rather than read and this is where audiobooks come in.

Cocktail Accessories

If your gentleman friend happens to like a good drink there are ways to accommodate that on a moderate budget. A tight budget may not accommodate a bottle of wine liquor, however, it can get him various types of accessories to go with his drink of choice.

One great option would be a mixology kit which usually comes with a set of recipe cards for popular cocktails and all the tools to make them. Instead of just pouring his drink into a glass he could use the cocktail shaker, strainer, mixing spoon, etc., and make a nice drink for himself and his loved ones. You could even add some whiskey stones or some choice mixers along with the gift set or kit.

Gifting an Experience

Another gift that you can give is something that they always wanted to do but never had the opportunity to. Maybe they always wanted to go zip lining or they wanted to see their favorite sports team live or they just wanted a great relaxing spa treatment. There are countless options that you can choose from when it comes to gifting a unique experience to somebody.

Think of something they might have mentioned like a concert they wanted to go to or cooking class they always wished they could take. Join in on the experience if it is for a couple and it can be a great gift for you to bond over. If you are still struggling to come up with an idea everybody loves a good weekend getaway and you can book something near the city they live in.

A Handmade Gift

If you ask anybody, they would probably say that the most thoughtful and appreciated gifts are something someone made for them or put together. Even when you’re on a budget, if you use your creative skills, you could come up with a gift that they would treasure forever.

There are many options that you could consider like painting, knitting, sewing, photography, woodworking cooking, etc. Alternatively, you could put together a small gift basket of his favorite things – everything from cute socks to his team’s sports jersey to his preferred scented candle, the list is endless. Check out this birthday gift box set from No Cold Feet that can easily do the trick.

What is important about any gift you give, is that you choose it just for them. A gift that reflects his specific interests – his passions, career, and hobbies – shows that you care for them and want to make them happy. The gift itself matters less than the amount of affection and thought you put into it.

Luckily you don’t have to spend a big amount of money to get somebody a gift they’re bound to cherish. A perfect gift is a thoughtful one – perhaps with an added dash of humor, whimsy, glamour, and practicality. And of course, a little bit of sentimentality.

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