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Getting on track for challenge in Fifth

Column by Robert Hurt

I am excited about this year’s prospects in Virginia! After a solid win in November, Virginia Republicans in the Fifth Districtare set to take back our congressional seat. Deemed as one of the most vulnerable seats in the entire U.S. Congress for Democrats, I am looking forward to our developing campaign.

As a state senator representing over 170,000 constituents, my first obligation is to serve them and ensure Democrat attempts in the General Assembly to raise taxes and increase spending are stopped dead in their tracks. From time to time I will be sending you updates from Richmond to keep you informed of our progress.

I also want to ensure that we are doing all we can to keep our Republican voters in the Fifth District as informed as possible as to who is the most capable, serious and experienced candidate to take on Tom Perriello in the fall. Debates are a great way to showcase our individual talents and expertise, and while most of us running for this seat agree on just about everything, debates are time-honored tradition that are good practice for the fall.

As you know, I was the first candidate to call for five districtwide debates organized by the local GOP committees – large and small. Recently, our campaign has just agreed to participate in a debate in Martinsville, on March 18th that is hosted by the Danville, Martinsville, Pittsylvania and Henry County GOP committees and promises to be a great evening. While we continue to work in putting together our campaign organization and structure, we encourage you to contact your GOP committee leadership and ask if they are planning on organizing a debate in conjunction with other committees in your region. The earlier we begin organizing, the better the event. At any time, don’t hesistate to contact me or a member of my campaign staff for assistance.

Finally, as many of you know, I am being referred to as the “frontrunner” in this campaign. While I’d rather be the frontrunner than at the back of the pack – it has come with its fair share of false attacks by some of my opponents. While I am proposing five districtwide debates and plan on attending many more forums, my opponents are stating that I am somehow “ducking” debates. Apparently, they believe that if you say it loud enough and repeat it enough times that people will believe it. This is the same tactic Tom Perriello has used his entire time in Washington. He promised the voters in the Fifth District independence and representation that reflected our values, and instead he’s walking in lockstep with San Franciso liberal Nancy Pelosi. It’s time to bring honest, commonsense conservatism back to the Fifth District and I hope to earn your support.


Robert Hurt is a candidate for the Fifth District Republican congressional nomination.


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