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Getting it right: UVA football still working on basics on offense

UVaHelmet_1UVA opened on offense at Miami last weekend with a false start on the first play from scrimmage. Throw in a delay of game and two timeouts on offense after trouble getting plays in from the sidelines, and you can see the frustrations.

This is basic stuff: snap counts, getting plays called.

Ten games into the season, can the Cavs eventually get things right?

“Everybody talks about the things that can cause you to lose. Presnap penalties, jumping off-sides, things that aren’t post-snap. You can argue an interference call, a holding call. One of the things you have to continue to keep working on is those presnap penalty issues,” Virginia coach Mike London said on Wednesday’s ACC Coaches Teleconference.

You can pipe in music, London said, test yourself in hard-count situations. The bottom line: “We got to do a better job of eliminating those presnap penalties.”

“The biggest thing is not listening to the snap count,” London said. “Obviously you go in multiple snap counts, silent count, on one, on two, different things like that. We just have to wire into the task at hand. If 10 guys got it, one guy jumps off-side, obviously the one guy didn’t get it. We need to make sure we eliminate those things that happen like that.

“Whether it’s a silent count or an audible count, whatever it is, all 11 have to be in tune to what’s going on. We got to make sure that those things are done in order for us not being a first and 15, second and 10, creating those situations we don’t want to be in,” London said.

– Story by Chris Graham