George Allen meets with Hispanic leaders in Springfield

George Allen today brought his Virginia Voices tour to Springfield where he met with leaders of the Hispanic community for a roundtable discussion hosted by the Ibero-American Business Council and the Coalicion por la Democracia (Coalition for Democracy).

Small business owners and hard-working Latino Virginians representing a wide range of industries and backgrounds gathered to share their concerns and ideas with George Allen.  Topics of concern included jobs and the economy, immigration, health care and education.

“As Latino Americans, we’re proud to be a part of the hard work and innovation of this great country,” said Manuel Rosales, Board Member of The Latino Coalition.  “But the Hispanic community has been especially hard hit by the struggling economy. Our community wants to see equal access to more job opportunities to work and provide for our families. I’m glad George Allen has a proven record of creating jobs and opportunities through less government and more freedom to build our own success as entrepreneurs, workers, and leaders in our community.”

U.S. census data shows that the Hispanic population in Virginia nearly doubled in the last decade, making Latinos one of the fastest growing communities in the Commonwealth. Ambassadors for Allen was formed to reach out to thousands of Virginians and encourage them to participate in the political process.

“It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to discuss positive solutions for jobs and families with the civil engagement that is needed to adopt policies that will get America ascending again. The promise of the American Dream is what is at stake,” said Allen. “We need  more pro-job growth solutions that include fair, simple and competitive tax laws, more reasonable regulations, unleashed American energy resources and empowering education policies. It’s time to reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit of our country by reining in the government to free people to invest and create the jobs so many people need.”


Democratic State Del. Alfonso Lopez responded to Allen’s visit and comments on behalf of the Tim Kaine campaign.

“George Allen’s reelection rhetoric won’t erase the damage he did to our economy the last time he was in Washington,” Lopez said. “It also won’t make up for his consistent objection to comprehensive immigration reform. As a senator, Allen helped turn a record surplus into a massive deficit and added $3 trillion in new debt that continues to threaten our economy and the finances of Latino families and businesses.

“While some in the Republican Party have shown an openness to compromise on immigration reform, George Allen has staunchly opposed any bipartisan attempts at reform and rejected the DREAM Act.

“In this campaign, he has promised no new ideas and no willingness to compromise, just the same failed rhetoric that took our country backward during the Bush administration. Latino families and businesses can’t afford another six years of George Allen.”

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