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George Allen focuses on defense in Chantilly

George Allen continued his Virginia Voices tour in Chantilly on Tuesday with a focus on people who could be affected by the looming $500 billion defense cuts scheduled to begin at the end of the year. Allen toured First Line Technology, a small business that manufactures emergency response equipment and human protection materials.

Established in 2003, First Line Technology manufacturers and supplies Out of the Box Solutions to the military and first responders, including heat-activated personal cooling products, decontamination and personal protection products and bus stretcher conversion kits.  First Line Technology was named the “Small Business Success Story Winner of 2012” by the National Defense Industrial Association.

“As a certified government contractor, we’ve been honored to provide innovative and life-saving solutions for our military men and women serving in harm’s way and first responders at home and abroad,” said First Line Technology President Amit Kapoor. “The impending defense cuts are creating a lot of uncertainty in our industry, hindering our ability to plan, invest in new opportunities and hire more employees. We’re glad to hear from George Allen that he supports reversing these defense cuts to ensure that Virginians have the jobs to provide our military with the protections and tools they need.”

First Line Technology is one of hundreds of Virginia small businesses facing uncertainty and unable to expand and hire under Washington’s deal last summer, which Tim Kaine supports, leading to $500 Billion in defense cuts and placing at risk over 200,000 Virginia jobs.

“The innovation and hard work of the men and women at First Line Technology is a prime example of what is at stake with Washington’s failed $500 Billion defense cut deal,” said Allen. “Over 200,000 hard-working Virginians are at risk of losing their jobs and small businesses such as First Line Technology are unable to hire more employees due to Washington’s failure to set priorities by using across-the-board cuts that disproportionately target our military.  This will affect people working for military contractors, manufacturers, and service industries and reverberate throughout our economy. I’ve committed to bring proven leadership to the U.S. Senate to reverse these devastating cuts.”

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