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Generation X: Hearing loss impacts us, too

hearing lossAround 7 percent of Generation X’ers have hearing loss. Yes, young folks, you’re getting older, and there are other issues at play.

We’re the MTV generation, for one thing. The old Sony Walkman: remember those? Loud video games, stereo surround on our TVs, Dolby in our movie theaters, all those throwback concerts we get to go to now that the kids have moved out on their own.

Exposure to loud noise over the years is just one part of the equation. Other factors impacting your hearing health include obesity, diabetes and heart disease, all of which, we now know, have a serious impact on our hearing.

You might not want to have to think about issues with hearing, because it can be hard to concede that, yes, that getting older thing.

One thing to keep in mind: hearing loss doesn’t just go away. Meaning, if you’re experiencing issues with hearing, it’s probably time to check into doing something about it.

How Hearing Healthcare of Virginia can help

According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, hearing loss is the third most common health condition among adults. Experts at Hearing Healthcare of Virginia can help you stay connected and thrive in daily life. Understand where your strengths and areas of weakness lie so you can take steps toward improvement. Learn what to expect on your first visit with our experienced and reliable experts.

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