Gary Hargrave and Hargrave Ministries raising donations for IDF Widows and Orphans Organization

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The world can be a dark place sometimes, and when we are not our brother’s keeper, the problem grows larger and larger. Some people give up their lives to keep the darkness away. Sometimes while doing this, they make the ultimate sacrifice. These people are sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, wives, and husbands to many people. With their sacrifice, a gap is left, and when it is done, mothers and wives are left as widows, and children are left as orphans. All over the world, men are often the breadwinners of families, and when they are not a part of the family, poverty creeps in and takes a toll on the family.

When a parent or spouse is lost to the family, it is the community’s responsibility to take care of the family after them. Hargrave Ministries has helped support the IDF Widows and Orphans Organization since its inception. The charity is legally registered under Charity No.580202166. Established in 1991, the Organization was the first in Israel to officially and entirely care for the widows and orphans of Israel’s armed services. The Organization meets to the needs of widows and orphans of people in the Israel Defenses and Security Personnel. This was one great way of honoring the lives and memories of the heroes who gave up their lives to keep the country safe.

Supporting the work of the IDF Widows and Orphans

When people are drafted to defend the country as part of the military, it is a tough choice for them to leave their comfort and venture into the uncertain. However, people rise above themselves and are selfless in the quest to protect millions of others and maintain peace in other countries. They put their lives on the frontline, taking the risk of injury and death to defend people and keep evil and malice away from many people.

In some countries where the evil of war and conflict is rampant, soldiers ensure that children can still enjoy their innocence and play along even in the thick of things. Thanks to their sacrifice, people can run their businesses; they can spend time with their families and enjoy being social with friends because they are protected.

IDF widows and orphans has prided itself in providing all types of support, including financial, emotional, psychological, and more. While the charity cannot compensate for a person’s presence, it does its best to make the orphans and widows feel less alone and loved. A healthy psychological environment and a little financial support can go a long way in getting the family back on its feet. The family can always rest assured there is a helping hand present to pick them up when they fall.

In 2020, the world was brought to its knees as it battled a pandemic. As many people lost their jobs and others lost their lives, widows and orphans became more in dire need than ever before. IDF widows and orphans built a hospital and other resources to help IDF widows and orphans. Israel as a community was called to action to support patriotism by coming through for them. The Hargrave Ministries took it upon themselves to raise money for them through their website, social media, and funding drives.

The Hargrave Ministries is the only bible teaching ministry with Jewish roots that advocates and spreads spiritual growth and endurance among Christians worldwide. With thousands of Christians under their guide worldwide, the church leveraged their numbers to help and donate to the IDF widows and orphans. From posts on their social media platforms to directly linking donations on their site, the ministry has put in a lot of effort to drive up donations for widows and orphans.

The role of Gary Hargrave in this charity

Hargrave Ministries has been at the forefront of helping the world through ministry and acts of charity. The Israeli Defense Forces are one of the most diverse on earth. The country is also the only one that helps deaf and hard-hearing folk to join the defense forces. As Christ taught us to be one in the Spirit, the IDF has more than showed there is a possibility that we can be together as one, working for a common cause. We can offer honor to this unity and its cause to ensure that their legacies do not fade. We ensure that their widows and orphans do not sleep hungry or go without decent clothing. We help to ensure that their children continue with their studies. Hargrave Ministries has worked to ensure that through their ministries, the brave souls are honored in the most dignified way possible.

Managing a charity in a pandemic

Since they could not meet in person, IDF widows and orphans sent out the equipment required for the kids’ activities in their homes. The sense of community and love was not lost even during the most challenging times. Some of the orphans had counseling sessions, so the program moved them online to ensure psychological help was always available. In 2020 alone, the program facilitated more than 1400 sessions between the orphans and their counselors and mentors.

Through the support of people and organizations like the Hargrave Ministries, people can enable outreach activities such as the 1000 widows who received aid last year. Apart from creating an environment where the widows and orphans can receive help from them, IDF widows and orphans has also enabled them to know each other and live as a community. Some of their online lectures help them cover and understand the grief process and other related self-care issues.

IDF widows and orphans has a project called ‘Tell a Story’ for the people who have doubts about donating or other widows and orphans worldwide. Through the platform, orphans and widows who have benefited from the platform and the experience of living without a core figure in their lives tell their life stories and the importance of receiving help. Thanks to efforts from supporters such as Gary Hargrave, the project is a beacon of hope for widows and orphans in Africa and the world.

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