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Garage upgrades that will increase your home’s value

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There’s a lot of debate about whether or not a garage will add resale value to your home. The value proposition ultimately depends on the location of your home and the needs of potential buyers.

However, there are a few key garage upgrades that can add value using the existing space. Here are some of the best garage upgrades to add value to your home.

Insulation and climate control

One of the best upgrades you can make to your garage is insulating the space and adding temperature control. Proper insulation will help keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This also helps reduce draftiness in attached garages, which can cost more in heating and cooling.

Insulate and enclose the walls, rather than leaving exposed studs. If you have a garage with a workspace, consider installing a mini-split for temperature control. This is also a prime time to add adequate ventilation to keep the space from getting stuffy or overloaded with fumes.

Garage door upgrades

Garage door upgrades not only make the garage more valuable but also contribute to the curb appeal that can attract potential buyers. Having a functional garage door that also looks fantastic is a must when looking at resale value.

Installing a garage door opener is tremendously valuable, especially in warmer states like Florida and Texas. The garage door repair Houston experts at GDS also recommend installing a remote door opener for extra convenience and value.

Installing garage doors with windows can also make the space look larger and more inviting by letting in natural light. You can also get reinforced, frosted glass garage doors for an ultra-modern look that sells.

Garage floor upgrades

Another popular upgrade that adds value to the home is the garage floor. Sealing the floor with polished concrete looks designer-inspired without detracting from the functionality of the space. Additionally, sealed and polished concrete is easier to maintain and keep clean.

Functional storage options

For some families, the garage becomes the catch-all for storage. Keep the space looking tidy and useful by adding functional storage options, such as ceiling trundles, pegboards and hooks, and floating shelves. These elements go a long way in staging the home and helping people envision how they’d use the space.

Easy-access door

If your garage is only accessible by the garage door, consider adding a side entrance for ease-of-access. This convenient entry point prevents having to lift the garage door to get inside. It’s a simple upgrade that can add a lot of value, as people will notice the inconvenience of having to raise the door every time.

A multipurpose space

As homes get smaller and the state of the world moves people indoors, many homeowners are converting their garages into multipurpose spaces. Create a multipurpose space by installing a murphy bed to create an ad hoc guest room as needed. You can also create a small home office, which is perfect for those who work from home and need a quiet place for meetings and productivity.

The key to adding value with these upgrades is to showcase that there’s still room for a car. A complete garage conversion to a living space or guest room could deter potential buyers from purchasing your home.

Improved lighting

Garages tend to be bleak, dim places. Adding some bright lighting can make the space look cleaner, newer, and more inviting. This addition is incredibly valuable if your garage is a multipurpose space.

As mentioned before, adding windows to a garage door can help add natural light and make the space more welcoming. Conversely, you can install a couple of windows or skylights to let the light shine in.

Use these savvy garage upgrades to add resale value to your home with a minimal investment.

Story by Nikita Ross